Taking Steps To Prevent Nursing Home Abuse In Arizona

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Today’s topic written by Aaron Crane, an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Cantor Crane, is a discussion about Nursing Home Abuse. For many people, a time comes when consideration has to be given to putting a parent or other relative in a nursing home. As much as you dread the idea, in some cases there is no alternative.

There may be no one in the family who can work all day as a caretaker. The care a person might need could exceed the skills of the average person. Thus you have to put your mother, father, grandparent or other family member in a nursing home, believing they will get the care they need. There are some outstanding nursing homes. There will be issues, but usually easily reconcilable.

However, all nursing homes are not created equal. If a family member can check on the patient each day, many of the problems that can occur may be eliminated. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

Nursing home abuse is a real problem. Often a nursing home is understaffed and there is no one to help those patients who are virtually immobile who are unable to take care of their personal needs. The family members cannot depend on another family member taking care of the problem. If you cannot handle the issue, call a family member. Discuss the issue with the nurse and keep an eye on things. If conditions do not improve it may be necessary to retain the services of a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Some nursing homes turn into real homes for the patients. Others become something less than desired. However, in cases where the facility becomes more of a warehouse of the elderly, terminally ill and other cases, then additional action is needed, and that is why a nursing-home abuse lawyer should be consulted.

People in nursing homes often have limited mobility, their eyesight is not as good and all foods do not agree with them.

There are other issues associated with a nursing home that need to be monitored regularly and brought to the attention to the nurse handling your loved-one, her supervisor and the supervisor or manager of the whole facility. Do not be afraid to make some noise, if the treatment is not to your satisfaction.

Here are some things you should check regularly to ensure that your family member or friend is getting the best care possible.

Abuse can include many areas. Some instances would not always be obvious such as sexual assault, rape and sexual battery. Those events do happen in some cases.

There are other issues such as extended or continual cases where food and water are not provided, and unreasonable physical restraint is utilized.

One of the major issues in nursing homes is neglect. The nursing home is retained to be the caretaker of the patients. However, the patients because of age, type of illness or other reasons are not always cooperative. That does not allow them to be neglected. Items covered by nursing-home neglect include:

  • Inadequate nutrition to meet the needs of the patient.
  • A failure to see that proper medical care for the physical and mental health needs of the patient are provided.
  • Neglect or failure to aid in personal hygiene and to provide clothing or shelter.
  • Failing to make certain the patient is protected from health and safety hazards.

There are several symptoms that can be indicators of nursing-home neglect. These include:

  • Bedsores, unexplained bruises, cuts, rashes and welts.
  • Patients seeking isolation from other patients
  • Unexplained and rapid weight loss
  • Falls, that result in fractures or head injuries. There are numerous other issues that may be unique to one patient or the actions of one staff member. However, it is always important to check on the care of the person in a nursing home, and no one should be hesitant about asking questions.

If you have questions or concerns, it is important to consult a nursing-home abuse lawyer. However, some issues can be prevented through action by family members such as:

  • Not limiting visits to normal visiting hours. Proper facilities do not object to family members coming at meal time, or coming to check on your loved ones.
  • If there are concerns ask the authorities, such as the Attorney General if there have been other complaints and any inspections.

If any abuse or neglect is suspected, contact the proper authorities in your state. For example, in Arizona, call the Arizona Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Cantor Crane at (602) 254-2701.

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