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Being charged with a DUI offense in Tempe, AZ can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, if the prosecution has evidence (such as breathalyzer tests, blood and urine tests, and/or field sobriety tests) stacked against you, your chances of winning can get even lower.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan is committed to providing clients with all the resources necessary to build a strong case to stand up against the toughest of prosecutions. As a Tempe DUI Lawyer specializing in and focusing solely on DUI Defense representation, Attorney Brian Sloan can help you make sense of the legal system and mitigate the possible consequences of your DUI arrest.

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Tempe, AZ DUI Penalties

Arizona has the toughest laws and harshest punishments in the country for driving under the influence. These penalties include mandatory jail time, mandatory fines and fees, mandatory counseling/treatment, license suspension, and interlock device installation.

The severity of the penalty depends on several factors, including if there are accidents or physical injuries, passengers in the vehicle, the defendant’s blood alcohol level, the presence of drugs or medications in the driver’s blood test, and prior DUI convictions. The penalties are much more extreme for repeat offenders, which not only greatly increases the potential for fines and fees but also increases the amount of mandatory jail time and the required period of Ignition Interlock Device.

First-time DUI offenders in Tempe, AZ, may face the following consequences:

  • 1 day to 6 months in jail
  • Fines and fees between $1,500 and $3,800
  • Possible Community Service
  • Alcohol Counseling
  • License Suspension
  • Interlock for 6 months to 2 1/2 years

Persons found guilty of Extreme DUI in Arizona face harsher penalties. A first offense of Extreme DUI carries a minimum jail time of 30 days and a maximum of six months, plus: a minimum fine of at least $2,800, license suspension, mandatory interlock installation, and possible community service. For a Super Extreme DUI (the offender’s blood alcohol level is above .200), the minimum jail time is 45 days, and the minimum fines and fees total no less than $3,300, with additional penalties.

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The penalties increase dramatically if you’re charged with Aggravated DUI, a felony. The minimum jail sentence for this offense is four months, with a maximum sentence of 3.75 years in prison. A person convicted of Aggravated DUI must also pay a minimum of $4,500 in fines and fees, lose their driving privileges for three years, and use an interlock device for at least one year.

It’s crucial to handle a DUI case correctly the first time, and that requires the assistance of an experienced DUI defense lawyer specializing in DUI defense representation. There’s too much at stake to trust your case to a public defender, an inexperienced lawyer, or a “jack-of-all-trades” attorney who’s only looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

If you’re arrested for DUI in Tempe, seek the services of an experienced DUI defense lawyer with a proven and documented track record, thousands of satisfied customers, and who specializes in DUI defense. This will give you the best chance at a dismissal or acquittal of your DUI case and ensure that your rights and interests are protected to the fullest extent in court.

Will I Go to Jail for a DUI in Tempe, AZ?

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Although a first-time DUI is considered a misdemeanor in Arizona, those convicted serve between 10 days and six months of jail time, pay monetary fines, and have their license suspended. Moreover, if the driver records a high BAC or there are aggravating factors surrounding the case, the court may impose a much harsher sentence, such as longer jail terms and larger fines.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan can help you contest the prosecution’s evidence and possibly get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Our firm can help ensure that your case is presented in the best possible light, increasing your likelihood of achieving a more favorable outcome.

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How a Tempe DUI Lawyer Can Help

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Facing DUI charges in Tempe, AZ can be confusing and stressful, but with a competent Arizona DUI attorney on your side, you can fight back against these charges and protect your rights.

At the Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan, we make every effort to give our clients the time, attention, and respect they deserve. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to DUI cases like other firms do. Instead, we develop individualized and highly-effective DUI defense strategies through one-on-one and in-depth consultations with our clients. 

As an experienced Tempe DUI defense attorney focused on DUI defense representation, Brian D. Sloan is ready to use his extensive experience and unique insight to secure the best possible resolution to your case.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan take the following steps when building your DUI defense:

Case Evaluation and Analysis

The initial step in fighting Tempe DUI charges is to meticulously assess and analyze the specifics of the case, carefully reviewing all of the evidence against you to spot any potential flaws in the prosecution’s case.

Building a Strong DUI Defense Strategy

When you hire the Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan, you get Attorney Brian Sloan to personally defend your case and benefit from all his years of solely focusing on DUI defense representation. You won’t get pushed off to an inexperienced associate who’s still learning the trade while trying to represent you as well as they can. 

Clients hire Attorney Brian Sloan for their Tempe DUI case because Mr. Sloan sees legal and factual issues that other lawyers don’t. His traditional and outside-the-box legal representation often leads to exceptional results for his clients, with many examples of side-by-side comparisons with previous lawyers on the exact same case, with the same client, getting much worse results than Mr. Sloan was able to negotiate. 

You can view some of these apples-to-apples comparisons at

Negotiating With Prosecutors

In some circumstances, it might be possible to bargain with prosecutors to lessen the charges or punishments. Attorney Brian D. Sloan has a proven track record of success in these negotiations and can help you explore your options.

DUI Defense Representation in Court

If your case goes to trial, you will need a lawyer who is well-versed in the most recent developments in DUI law; someone skilled at presenting the defense to persuade the jury to find you not guilty. 

Attorney Brian Sloan has the kind of specialized legal knowledge that can only come from having tried over a hundred jury trials and focusing on DUI cases for over a decade.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan

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DUI defense requires the expertise of an Arizona DUI attorney with extensive experience and an excellent and well-documented track record of success in the field. 

If you’re looking for the best DUI lawyer in Tempe, AZ, here are a few reasons why Brian D. Sloan is the obvious choice:

Local Knowledge

As an Arizona resident and a DUI Defense Lawyer for nearly two decades, Attorney Brian D. Sloan is extremely experienced and knowledgeable of the local courts, judges, and legal idiosyncrasies when navigating the Tempe Court system. Mr. Sloan is adept at navigating the complexities of DUI cases in Tempe to obtain the best results for his clients.

Track Record of Success

Attorney Brian D. Sloan has successfully and personally defended over 4,000 DUI cases in Maricopa County, approximately 1,000 in Tempe City Court. Mr. Sloan has the experience and expertise to fight against any DUI charges filed in Tempe Municipal Court and has a proven and documented track record for delivering favorable results.

Personalized Approach

Each client’s legal situation is different, and so is Attorney Brian Sloan’s approach to representing them. Clients of attorney Brian Sloan are given direct access to his mobile phone; no call centers, secretaries, receptionists, or paralegals stand in the way of communication between Mr. Sloan and his clients. It’s very rare for DUI lawyers in Arizona to provide this exceptional level of access.  

Mr. Sloan provides his clients with a “Commonly Asked Questions” document, which answers most of their questions before they even ask them. He also spends hours on each case, typing up all his thoughts on his clients’ cases so they can fully understand his thoughts and recommendations. 

When possible, Mr. Sloan will handle months of court appearances on his client’s behalf so that they can continue living their lives as usual while going through this trying time. And even if the client is eventually required to appear in court, their appearance is likely to last no more than a few hours at most.

No other attorney in Arizona takes the time to go over as much detail in a case review with each client, making it easier for them to understand the information and process it at their own pace.

Competitive, Flat-Rate Fees

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan offer affordable, flat-rate representation on all Tempe DUI cases. There are no hidden fees. No nickel-and-diming clients. 

To offer clients a more affordable payment plan, Attorney Brian Sloan has developed an extremely beneficial type of representation that he calls Bifurcated Representation, which ensures that the client pays only for the services they need and not for those that they don’t. 

Mr. Sloan’s motto is, “Hire Any Other Lawyer for Your DUI, and You Will Be Paying A Lot More Money and/or Getting A Lot Less Experience.”

His clients are not forced to pay for busy work and frivolous motions, as he is not interested in simply putting on a show for clients to substantiate the legal fees paid. The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan is committed to handling DUI cases the right way at a reasonable cost.


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If you’re dealing with a DUI case in Tempe, AZ, contact The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan today at 480-720-7839 to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you fight against your DUI charges.

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