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What My Clients Say

“Words alone could never describe the major impact Attorney Brian Sloan has made in my and my family’s life! And, if you’ve ever experienced losing your freedom before or are now faced with losing it, you definitely understand the heartache, fear that one and especially their family endures. My life was literally turned upside down when I was faced with an Aggravated DUI as a result of driving on a suspended license/w priors.

I was facing 6 to 15 years; and my plea offer with a public defender was 6 years prison. Even if my plea offer was much less time, I was determined, with Brian representing and guiding me, to fight my case as scary as it was knowing that pursuing this, I would then be facing 10 or more years should we lose. I was fighting it, because I wanted justice served.

When no one would believe in me, the situation, Brian Sloan did. It was so life shattering and grueling until the very end. But, right at the very end of my case, when I had lost all hope and would be separated from my family and also had lost all trust in the justice system, justice did prevail. My case was completely dismissed! And – I can’t emphasize this enough – was all because of my attorney Brian Sloan representing me. He is straight forward, honest, respected and very good and knowledgeable at what he does. Also, his fees are extremely reasonable especially for the representation that you will get. Brian saved me from a decade in prison – he saved my life. Also, I can now say from experiencing all of this, that even in this day and age, there are judges out there that are for the people when they are innocent.

I cannot end without saying this – Drinking and driving does kill people. It’s almost like going out in public and shooting a loaded gun that could very well take innocent people’s lives. It’s important that we never drink and drive at all. Also know that if you have a suspended license as a result of a prior DUI and get another one, it is a felony and as a felon, you will deal with those consequences for the rest of your life. I lost a 25-year government career and then some because of this.

In Arizona your DUIs are on your record for a life time! There are good people out there just trying to make a good life for themselves and their families. And, we can make that simple, seemingly innocent mistake when we drink and drive that will affect you for the rest of your life.

If you or anyone you know are ever faced with a DUI, I sincerely, highly recommend Brian Sloan as a DUI attorney. Brian, thanks again for everything you have done for me and my family. You’ve been a blessing!”


A DUI Client

“I contacted Brian after receiving a DUI; he was very thorough and hones throughout the entire process. His payment package is very reasonable; during the process we received a very reasonable plea agreement. He could have pushed me to pursue the process further and potentially receive more money from me but he was very honest in his assessment and I am happy I took his advice. I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”


A DUI Client

“”Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey the appreciation I have for Brian Sloan. Brian made everything more than easy for me and kept everything as simple as possible. He gave me an opportunity and effectively laid down my advantages and disadvantages with support through every obstacle that was in my way until the very end. I’m not taking the words “until the end” lightly. Even a year after my initial case Brian was able to get my case dismissed. He kept his word from the very beginning and I’m so thankful I had the privilege to have Brian represent me. Brian’s knowledge about the legal system is multi-faceted and he is able to do more than the average lawyer. Brian is precise, attentive, honest and trusting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brian Sloan to any person that is seeking an attorney and counselor at law.”


A DUI Client

“Brian handled an issue for my minor son in Gilbert. He was everything and more a mother could ask for! He was professional, frank, well versed in both the law, legal system and the Gilbert Courts. His initial evaluation of the case was spot on and he was successful in having all charges dropped. I can’t recommend him more highly!”


A DUI Client

“I was charged with a Class a misdemeanor for corrective lenses violation in Arizona. I thought I was doomed because I was in medical school and didn’t want it to be on my record. He wiped it off my record and I was never convicted! I didn’t have to do anything! I highly suggest this lawyer. He’s as good as advertised!!! Responds quickly to all calls, emails, and texts. Keeps you up to date on everything from the start until the finish.”


A DUI Client

“After I got my DUI I researched web sites of many Arizona Attorneys. I was so fortunate to choose Attorney Brian Sloan. I am a registered nurse and DUI did not affect only my driving privileges, but also my professional license and entire career. Mr. Sloan represented my case in the best possible way and I am so happy with the results. I highly recommend Mr. Sloan. Thank you Brian.”


A DUI Client

“As a college graduate, I never saw myself as a person who would make the mistake of getting a DUI, and definitely cannot afford to have an Extreme DUI my record. After reaching out to Brian Sloan, I informed him of my situation, and he was immediately confident that he could help me. He was extremely professional and very communicative with me throughout the entire process. He was able to reduce fines, get my Extreme DUI down to a Regular DUI, and completely erase the speeding charge. He ultimately saved my record and saved me a substantial amount of money while sticking to his word.”


A DUI Client

“I would like to share with you the superb experience I had dealing with my DUI Attorney Brian Sloan. I received an Extreme DUI charge, and I did not know what to do. I was facing tremendous fines, jail time and the possibility of losing my employment. I spoke with Mr. Sloan and after I explained my circumstances, he explained how he would defend the case. I was immediately put at ease and understood I was dealing with a true expert and professional. Without Mr. Sloan, I believe I would be sitting in jail right now. Dealing with a DUI in Arizona is definitely not a do it yourself project. You should definitely contact Mr. Sloan.”


A DUI Client

“I was arrested for an aggravated DUI back in October. My DUI was aggravated due to a suspended license. I originally went with a public defender that got me a plea agreement of four months in jail and a class six designated felony. This had my world turned upside down.

My mother looked up criminal DUI attorneys and the first one we had a consultation with was Brian Sloan. Brian immediately put me at ease and said he can get me a misdemeanor DUI with little or no jail time. And that is exactly what he did. He went above and beyond for me and with each court visit he had a newer and better agreement until he got me a misdemeanor DUI with 45 days jail with work release. At first I had mixed feelings on the 45 days but the misdemeanor was what my real goal was I did not want a felony on my record. But the very next morning Mr. Sloan called me with the greatest news ever a misdemeanor with ONE day in jail and possibly time served.

I would not recommend anyone else for a criminal or misdemeanor DUI. Brian Sloan is an aggressive and very knowledgeable attorney who will help you and work with you every step of the way. Thank you for what you did for me Brian and making this extremely tough time for me bearable.”


A DUI Client

“Over the summer, I was out with some friends celebrating and had a few drinks. I had the least amount of drinks and decided that I would take everyone home. I made a wide turn and was pulled over by an officer. When he came to the window of my car, he asked a few questions. I was terrified and answered all of his questions. I was then taken in for a dui and I felt completely lost. The next day- I immediately started researching attorneys. I called The Law Offices of Brian Sloan and he immediately answered my call. I explained my situation and I met with him shortly thereafter. He explained the entire process to me and he even did a best and worst case scenario of how things could work out. DUI’s are scary and he did his best at giving me more peace of mind.
I feel blessed because my charges were actually dropped a few weeks later. The courts dismissed my charges for no reasonable likelihood of conviction/ no blood test evidence above the legal limit. Brian contacted me right away to share the news and he even refunded my payment. He then e-mailed me the paperwork from the courts that the charge was dropped.

I made a promise to myself that I will never drink and drive. It is much cheaper to just call a cab. If you do end up learning the lesson the hard way, I would call Brian. There is so much information and it can be confusing and scary, Brian can help make the process easier.”


A DUI Client

“I was really surprised with the Mr. Brian’s performance. Thank you Mr. Brian for helping me out and winning the case (all charges were dismissed) with you professionalism. Without you I could do nothing. You were updating me at every step; texting, emailing etc and reducing my stress.

PS.The whole case has been dismissed from MVD hearing court and city court and attorney fees were very reasonable.”


A DUI Client

“I met with several other attorneys, all seemed to be less concerned with my situation. Mr. Sloan asked all the right questions. He was concerned with my case, made no promises but said he would do the best he could. He always talked with me in words I could understand. I will continue to tell everyone I know what a great job he does in defending his client. My wife also researched and found he has a number one ranking. He also had the best rates!”


A DUI Client

“Choosing Brian Sloan to represent me in my case was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did he make me feel very comfortable, but he also made me feel like I was his main priority. As a result of choosing Brian I had my sentence reduced DRASTICALLY. I am extremely grateful for all of his help and effort with getting me through a difficult time with less stress and ease.”


A DUI Client

“Thank you so very much for your awesome help in getting my case dismissed. You are an amazing attorney that I can and will refer people to. From the moment I spoke with you, I knew I could rely on you to resolve my case. You advocated for me in the most excellent way. You are the most professional lawyer, respectful, skilled, and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough about you. Thank you! God bless you.”


A DUI Client

“Attorney Brian Sloan was professional and attentive to my legal needs on my DUI charge. He was able to get the case dismissed and continued to be hands on after to tie up all remaining legal matters. I am extremely grateful for his representation and could not thank him enough.”


A DUI Client

“Brian Sloan worked tirelessly to assist my daughter when she received a super extreme DUI in Tempe, Arizona in 2012. Although this was a first offense for her, because of her blood alcohol level she faced 45 days in jail, large fines, an interlock device and counseling. Through his efforts, he was able to assist her with obtaining a plea agreement to a regular DUI and only 1 day in jail, lesser fines, counseling and an interlock device. He was patient and respectful with her going through the process and explained her rights and responsibilities in great detail so she understood all of her options. Brian remained available throughout the process and quickly responded to voicemails, texts, and emails when we had questions. I highly recommend Brian for his legal expertise and excellent customer service skills.”


A DUI Client

“My DUI case had literally been pending for years. I had gone through a few different lawyers, who would only push the plea agreement, and continue the case. I then had Attorney Brian Sloan represent me. Within a few weeks, he wrote a motion that convinced the prosecutor to completely dismiss the case against me. I can now move forward with my life. Thank you Attorney Brian Sloan.”


A DUI Client

“Brian is a true guru when it comes to DUI’s. He is the only person I would refer clients to should they ever face such charges in the entire state in which he practices. I am looking forward to getting to know Brian more and more because so far, I have seen nothing but class, skills, and ambition. Keep up the good work buddy! Make us Pepper diners look good!!”

Matthew K.

A DUI Client

“I had been issued a public defender for my third dui within 7 years. The PD recommended Brian to defend my case. Brian was very professional, personable, and importantly, available when I needed to talk to him. I was looking at very gruesome sentence and fines etc. Brian managed to get me the best possible plea I could see imaginable. When it came time to sentencing Brian was able to get me less time in jail and my fines to a bare minimum. (The best case scenario of my plea) I would highly recommend Brian Sloan to anyone with a Dui. He is even keeping in touch to make sure my undesignated felony will be designated a misdemeanor after I complete my probation. If I have any questions he is still always glad to answer and help out.”


A DUI Client

“My experience was hell until I had the pleasure speaking with Mr. Sloan. I had a lot more on my plate compared to what I was to do. He knows the law and everything there is in out and in between the court system. So much I have learned from him compared to all of the other lawyers I have had in the past. He was very personal and still keeps in touch to this day. There are a couple more things to do with my case like bringing my case from felony to a misdemeanor that he will take care of for me when my probation is finished. I was to do a lot more probation, jail time, and pay more fines that I actually ended up with due to Mr. Sloan. I am so very grateful that I had the privilege to work with such a knowledgeable lawyer for once. He turned everything to my side in the court, and the way it ended was un-heard-of. He is very promising; will always respond to your needs and questions fast. Very easy to talk to.”


A DUI Client

“I first used a prepaid legal service to find a DUI Attorney and I couldn’t even get him to answer simple questions about my case until I gave him $4,000 cash up-front. Disappointed, I did my research online to find the best DUI Attorney available. Mr. Sloan’s websites and credentials as a specialist in DUI cases were very impressive and his fees were reasonable. Mr. Sloan thoroughly explained the process, my DUI charges, all my options and was up-front and honest in addressing all my concerns. He was diligent in keeping me informed of the status of my case; I called him several times – and he answered his own phone. Mr. Sloan walks the walk and owns up to everything his website says he is – and more. His in-depth knowledge of DUI Law resulted in my DUI case being dismissed in full. I’ve been there – and very thankful Mr. Sloan was there with me. I highly recommend Attorney Brian Sloan to anyone wanting the absolute best DUI representation for your money invested.”

Christine B.

A DUI Client

“Winning was a result of the expertise and diligence you displayed in the courtroom at trial.  Me and my family will forever be thankful for your efforts.”

Roman A.

A DUI Client

“I would like to take a moment of your time to acknowledge your effort and direction on Kellie’s case.  In this day and age of apathy, combined with personal and financial distress, finding a gentleman to go the extra mile is unusual at the very least.  You are an asset to Maricopa County.”

Chad B.

A DUI Client

“Brian Sloan represented me on an extremely complex and difficult aggravated DUI Case and not only kept me out of jail but also was very compassionate and understanding through the whole process. There was never a time when i felt like he wasn’t just as invested in my case as I was. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Sloan to anyone facing this difficult process.”


A DUI Client

“I was charged with Aggravated Assault with a car, and a couple DUI charges. The main charge was a Dangerous Felony, and I was looking at a decade or two in prison. The Public Defender got me a plea bargain for years in prison. I thought that was crazy. I hired Brian Sloan, and what he did on my case was absolutely unbelievable. Instead of years in prison and a Felony, he was able to get me no jail time and a Misdemeanor. Me and my family will forever be thankful that we were recommended to Attorney Brian Sloan.”


A DUI Client

“I was originally represented by a Public Defender who wasn’t doing anything for me. The Public Defender was pushing for me to take a plea agreement for prison time and thousands of dollars. I am so glad I hired Mr. Sloan. Upon hiring Mr. Sloan, he filed a motion, argued it in front of the judge, and all evidence against me was excluded from my case. I walked out of there a free man, with absolutely no conviction on my record.”


A DUI Client

“I had a public defender helping me out with my third DUI there was some issues with my case that she recommended me to Brian when he introduce him self to me n my mom he was nice n polite he read my case file. i asked him a few question he answer my question with very positive feed back. i liked his positive attitude and the way he handle my case I would definitely recommend him to any one who needs a DUI lawyer. thanks again for helping me out with my case.”


A DUI Client

“Brian was very helpful on my Extreme DUI case. I had lots of questions and he provided timely complete answers to help me explore all options possible, He was able to decrease my fees and jail time, which was great since summer time in tent city would have been horrible. I would definitely recommend Brian.”


A DUI Client

“Mr. Sloan represented me for a DUI case, he came highly recommended by several other attorneys. From the moment I meet with Mr. Sloan, till even after my case was closed, he has always been upfront and honest, and he explains every option that he feels that is appropriate for your case. I have and always would refer his services to anyone I know that has gotten a DUI. He is the best attorney that you can have on your side.”


A DUI Client

“Attorney Brian Sloan was the best decision I could have made after being arrested for Extreme DUI. The verdict for my case was NOT GUILTY. He was persistent, knowledgeable and hard working. He cared about me and my family. I have and would always recommend Attorney Brian Sloan to anyone who has a DUI.”


A DUI Client

Attorney Brian Sloan was personal and attentive to my needs as a first offender Extreme DUI. He was able to decrease my fees and provide me contacts to complete the necessary requirements for court. He was totally hands on with my case and I am extremely grateful for his assistance. I could not recommend a better Attorney.


A DUI Client

“Helped our son with his DUI, very knowledgeable and was great to work with.”

Karen W.

A DUI Client

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Why DUI Attorney Brian Douglas Sloan?


19+ Years SOLELY Focused on DUI Defense


4,200+ DUIs Successfully Defended

Top Accolades

  • Only DUI "Power Lawyer" in the Nation Featured in USA Today, 2022

  • Top 10 in Arizona

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“I am one of only a handful of Phoenix DUI Lawyers that focuses solely on DUI Defense representation.”

I have spent my entire career SOLELY focused on Arizona DUI Defense Representation, having personally defended more than 4,400 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) clients in the past 19+ years.

If you’re looking for a Divorce Attorney, Tax Attorney, Civil Attorney, etc., I can comfortably say, "I’m not the one for you." I ONLY defend DUI cases in most of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Coming up with traditional, as well as outside-the-box motions and defenses for my clients, often with good results, is the hallmark of my practice.

Lawyers that say they are "aggressive" or "will fight for you" are a dime a dozen. They use these phrases because it is a proven advertising phrase. Being "aggressive" isn’t the same as being good, and is often used to put on a show to hide the fact that they aren’t doing anything meaningful for the client.

The same is true for the Lawyers claiming to do DUI Defense, and Criminal Cases, and Accident Cases, and Divorces, etc. A Jack-of-all-Trades is a master of none! By handling all sorts of cases, they take away from their ability to truly focus on DUIs, and keep up-to-date on the latest changes in DUI Defense Representation.

What I offer is intelligent, quality DUI Defense at an exceptional price. Unlike many other law firms, if you hire The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan, you actually get me representing you, doing all the work, and working the case. You aren’t hiring one guy with all the experience, but getting the underling with very little knowledge or experience.

I work seven days a week on my client’s cases, and spend hours laying all my thoughts out for my clients in writing, so they can understand their options, and my recommendations. No other DUI Lawyer in the state does this. I try to do what I can to go above-and-beyond for my clients. I hate when the businesses I deal with nickel-and-dime me with hidden costs, and I take pride in not doing that to my clients.

I have not only taught other lawyers how to do DUI Defense Representation at statewide seminars, but I have produced DUI Legal Guides used by defense lawyers across Arizona.

I am one of Arizona's most award-winning DUI Defense Lawyers, as well as being recognized nationally. I was the only DUI Defense Lawyer in the United States named a "Power Lawyer" in a 2022 issue of USA Today

There are no other private Lawyers in Arizona that have personally defended more DUI cases than I have. And as a bonus, I offer a very reasonable flat rate for my legal services, with a payment plan, and without any hidden charges. This guarantees that I offer some of the most competitive rates among all Arizona DUI Attorneys, while being a well-documented and preeminent leader in the field of DUI Defense Representation.

Over the years, countless people have come to me after discovering that their first lawyer made a mistake, gave them false hope or false promises, or simply took their money and didn't do much to advance their case. And you would be surprised at how often this happens.

So, instead of wasting time and money on the wrong DUI Defense Attorney, do yourself a favor and get the proven and well-recognized best DUI Lawyer in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Maricopa County.

You can reach me on my personal cell phone at 480-720-7839 for a Free ‘In Depth’ Consultation.

I personally defend DUI cases in urban Maricopa County City, Town, and Justice Courts, including:

Ahwatukee / Agua Fria / Arcadia Biltmore / Avondale / Buckeye / Chandler / Country Meadows / Desert Ridge / Dreamy Draw / Downtown / East Mesa / El Centro / Encanto / Gilbert / Glendale / Goodyear / Guadalupe / Highland / Kyrene / Litchfield Park / Maryvale / McDowell Mountain / Mesa / Moon Valley / North Mesa / Peoria / Phoenix / Queen Creek / San Marcos / San Tan / South Mountain / Scottsdale / Tempe / University Lakes / West McDowell / West Mesa / White Tank

For any other Courts in the State of Arizona, including Felony cases, I would recommend my associates on The Arizona DUI Team, whom I work closely with, but I am not the one personally representing the client.

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