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Fighting a DUI charge can be very stressful and overwhelming. And with the stakes of an Arizona DUI conviction getting higher over the years, it is more important than ever to have a qualified and specialized Goodyear DUI Defense Attorney by your side as you go through the process.

There is no substitute for experience and expertise. If you seek the best resolution to your DUI case, you want The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan to advocate for you. A Goodyear DUI Lawyer SOLELY focused on DUI Defense Representation, Attorney Brian D. Sloan has personally defended more than 4,200+ DUI clients in the past 18+ years with incredible results.

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Goodyear, AZ DUI Penalties

The consequences of a DUI conviction in Arizona can be life-changing. Aside from the legal penalties, a DUI conviction can lead to increased insurance rates, difficulties finding employment, and damage to your reputation.

The severity of your penalties will depend on factors such as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), whether you have prior DUI convictions, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest, including if there was an accident, physical injuries, or property damage, or if there were passengers in the vehicle. The punishments become harsher for repeat offenders or those charged with Extreme and Aggravated DUI.

For a First-Time DUI, without aggravating circumstances, in Goodyear, AZ, a Defendant may face the following consequences:

  • 1 day to 6 months in jail
  • Fines and fees between $1,500 and $3,800
  • Possible Community Service
  • Alcohol Counseling
  • License Suspension
  • Interlock for 6 months to 1 1/2 years

In Arizona, people who are found guilty of an Extreme DUI face more severe punishments. In addition to a minimum fine of $2,800, license suspension, mandatory interlock installation, and possible community service, a First-Time Offender of an Extreme DUI faces a maximum jail term of six months. 

On the other hand, the minimum jail sentence for an Aggravated DUI is four months in prison, with a maximum sentence of 3.75 years in prison. A person convicted of Aggravated DUI must also use an interlock device for at least one year, pay a minimum of $4,500 in fines and fees, and have their driving privileges suspended or revoked for anywhere from one to three years.

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Another important thing you should know about Arizona’s DUI laws is that the state has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 years old. Underage drivers caught with alcohol in their systems face potentially worse penalties than adult drivers if convicted of a DUI.

Given the gravity of these consequences, if you are facing DUI charges in Arizona, it is crucial to retain the services of an accomplished DUI Defense Attorney specializing in DUI. Your future is too important to be handled by a Public Defender, an inexperienced attorney, or a “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer who is not fully prepared and up-to-date on the latest changes in DUI Defense law. The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan can help you explore your legal options and build a strong defense strategy that can potentially lead to reduced charges or dismissal of your case.

Will I Go to Jail for a DUI in Goodyear, AZ?

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A First-Time DUI is typically classified as a Misdemeanor in Arizona, but the penalties can still be severe. You could be looking at days or weeks of mandatory jail time, sizeable fines, the suspension of your driving privileges, and the installation of an Interlock device.

In addition, the court imposes harsher punishments when there are aggravating circumstances, such as a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the presence of minors in the vehicle, or an accident that results in serious bodily injury or death. For this reason, anyone facing a DUI charge in Arizona should retain the services of a competent DUI Attorney.

At the Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan, we understand the gravity of DUI charges and the impact they can have on your life. With his extensive experience, expertise, and sole focus on DUI Defense Representation, Attorney Brian D. Sloan can help you effectively contest the prosecution’s evidence and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin building your DUI Defense strategy.

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How a Goodyear DUI Lawyer Can Help

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Hiring a skilled DUI Defense Attorney in Goodyear, AZ, can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

With Attorney Brian Sloan on your side, you have a fighting chance of getting your charges reduced, avoiding jail, and mitigating the possible effects of a DUI conviction on your personal, professional, and social life. 

With the legal knowledge, experience, and resources to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case against you, he can provide the guidance and representation you need to navigate the legal system effectively.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan takes the following steps to build a strong defense for clients facing DUI charges:

Case Evaluation and Analysis

Attorney Brian D. Sloan will personally thoroughly evaluate your case, analyze the evidence against you, and identify any weaknesses or inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case that could be used to your advantage.

Building a Strong DUI Defense Strategy

When you enlist the services of the Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan, you’ll be working directly with Attorney Brian Sloan, who has extensive experience defending DUI cases. You won’t be handed off to a ‘fresh-out-of-law-school’ lawyer, or a non-DUI lawyer, who is still learning how to properly defend a DUI case.

Clients choose to hire Attorney Brian Sloan to represent them in Goodyear DUI cases because of his ability to identify legal and factual issues that other lawyers may overlook. His use of both traditional and unconventional legal arguments have resulted in outstanding outcomes for his clients, especially when compared to the results of other lawyers in the area, sometimes on the exact same case with the exact same client.

To see some of these comparative examples, visit

Negotiating With Prosecutors

Negotiating with prosecutors requires a deep understanding of criminal law and the legal system, as well as strong communication and persuasion skills. Attorney Brian D. Sloan’s years of experience in DUI Defense Representation have equipped him with the necessary skills and expertise to effectively negotiate with prosecutors and achieve better outcomes for his clients.

DUI Defense Representation in Court

Should your case proceed to trial, it’s essential to have an attorney who is knowledgeable about the latest developments in DUI law and who possesses the skills to vigorously defend your case and persuasively present your defense to the jury in order to secure a Not Guilty verdict.

Attorney Brian Sloan possesses the specialized legal expertise that comes from his experience of having defended over a hundred DUI jury trials. His extensive trial experience has honed his skills in persuasive argumentation and effective communication, enabling him to present a compelling case in front of a jury.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan

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If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, your best course of action is to retain the services of an Arizona DUI Attorney with extensive and well-documented experience in DUI cases. 

Choosing the Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan can increase your chances of obtaining a more favorable outcome for your DUI case. Here’s what sets us apart from other Goodyear DUI lawyers:

Local Knowledge

Attorney Brian D. Sloan has around 20 years of experience practicing DUI Defense law in Arizona, and is intimately familiar with the local court systems, judges, and prosecutors in Goodyear. He knows his way around Goodyear’s DUI court system and how to get the best results for his clients.

Track Record of Success

Attorney Brian D. Sloan’s extensive experience and expertise in defending DUI cases in Maricopa County make him the ideal choice for anyone facing DUI charges in Goodyear. With a successful track record of personally defending over 4,200 DUI cases in Maricopa County, Mr. Sloan has the skills and knowledge to mount a vigorous defense on behalf of his clients.

Thanks to his extensive experience, Mr. Sloan can quickly identify legal and factual issues that other lawyers may miss. He has a proven track record of obtaining favorable results for his clients, with many examples of cases where he achieved better outcomes than previous lawyers working on the same case. His documented success in defending DUI cases speaks to his dedication and commitment to helping his clients.

Personalized Approach

Attorney Brian Sloan understands that every client’s legal situation is unique, and he tailors his approach to meet each client’s specific needs. Unlike many DUI lawyers in Arizona, Mr. Sloan gives his clients direct access to his mobile phone and email address, ensuring that they can communicate with him any time they need to. He also provides them with a “Commonly Asked Questions” document that addresses most of their questions and concerns before they even think to ask.

In cases where clients must attend court appearances, Mr. Sloan strives to minimize the inconvenience and disruption to their lives by handling court appearances on their behalf. And if clients must appear in court, their appearance lasts no longer than a few hours at most.

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan’s personalized approach to legal representation sets us apart from other firms in Goodyear. Our attention to detail, clear communication, and willingness to go the extra mile for clients make the legal process easier to navigate and understand.

Competitive, Flat-Rate Fees

The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan is committed to making excellent legal representation accessible to everyone. That is why we offer flat-rate representation for all Goodyear DUI cases, with no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

To make our services even more affordable, we have developed a unique approach to legal representation called Bifurcated Representation. This approach allows clients to pay only for the services that they need, and not for the services that they don’t.  Attorney Brian Sloan doesn’t charge for busy work, or to file frivolous motions.  Mr. Sloan is not interested in putting on a show for a client, and asking for more money because of it. 

As Attorney Brian Sloan likes to say, “Hire any other lawyer for Your DUI, and You Will Be Paying A Lot More Money and/or Getting A Lot Less Experience.”

With Bifurcated Representation, you are only paying for the legal services you need and nothing more. Instead, we focus on handling DUI cases the right way, with a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

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If you are dealing with a DUI case in Goodyear, AZ, contact The Law Offices of Brian D. Sloan today at 480-720-7839 to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you fight against your DUI charges.

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