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Infographic: 1st vs 2nd DUI: What Are The Consequences?

When it comes to DUI charges, do you know what the consequences are? In the infographic below, we are comparing a first DUI charge with a second time DUI offense but please keep in mind, one is not better than the other. Getting charged with Driving Under The Influence is a life changing event. Check it out below and learn about the possible penalties for first time and second time offenders.

Depending on the case, each outcome will be different. If you have been charged with DUI, don’t wait. It is important to hire a qualified attorney to fight for you.


1st vs 2nd dui consequences

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Attorney Brian Douglas Sloan

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Mr. Sloan has spent the last 14+ years focusing his attention on DUI representation. He has done more than 100 felony trials and has earned numerous favorable results for his clients, including Not Guilty verdicts, dismissal of cases, and beneficial plea agreements.