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Arizona Drivers With DUI Face High Car Insurance Rates

According to a survey, drivers in Arizona facing a DUI charge can have their car insurance rates increase more than 100%, which is one of the most expensive increases in the nation.

The survey also revealed that most drivers facing a DUI charge nationally see an average boost of 92% in their auto insurance rates. However, drivers in Arizona face an increase of 104% which is a 12% increase from the national average.

Apart from a DUI charge, traffic violations such as reckless driving can also lead to an increase in the auto insurance costs, but not as high as in the case of a DUI charge. The survey showed that drivers in Arizona can see a 59% increase in their auto insurance rates for a traffic violation as compared to the 83% national increase.
Other traffic violations such as a seat belt violation are not that expensive and will increase the drivers insurance costs by only 4% in Arizona as compared to the national average of 6%.

All averages are based on a hypothetical scenario of a 45-year-old married, employed female driver with a clean driving record, driving a 2012 sedan.

News Source: ABC15

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