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Traffic Laws And Driving Rules In Arizona

This article talks about the traffic laws and driving rules in Arizona: Drinking & Driving Violations Driving Under the Influence or DUI is defined under A.R.S. §28-1381 (Title 28, Chapter… Read more →

What Is The Arizona Vehicle Code?

From traffic safety laws to vehicle registrations, driver license procedures, and vehicle registration fees, everything is covered under the Arizona “Vehicle Code.” The vehicle code defines the rule of the… Read more →

New Study Shows That Uber Doesn’t Decrease Drunk Driving Deaths

A recent study showed that the number of accidents and fatalities caused by drunk driving are not reducing with Uber. Drunk driving statistics were taken from the 100 most populated… Read more →

Man facing DUI charges after rollover crash that injured pregnant woman

PHOENIX – A man is charged for driving under the influence of alcohol after he caused a rollover crash and injured a pregnant lady. The accident happened on Wednesday after… Read more →

Drunk driving arrests drop over Fourth of July weekend

State data showed that the rate of driving under the influence arrests declined over the Fourth of July weekend, whereas the number of other citations increased. The Arizona Governor’s Office… Read more →

Two Phoenix men charged with shooting suspected drunk driver

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – According to the authorities, two Phoenix men shot and injured a man they suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and now both are facing charges.… Read more →

Driver charged with Extreme DUI after crashing into convenience store

PHOENIX – On Monday night, Jose Castejon-Jimenez crashed into a convenience store after which he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. His charges also included failure to… Read more →

Phoenix man gets assaulted for stopping girlfriend from driving drunk

PHOENIX – On 23rd of May, a man got assaulted for stopping his girlfriend from getting behind the wheel drunk. 45-year-old Christine Burley was sitting in the motor vehicle and… Read more →

Changes demanded in DUI tactics by Arizona Supreme Court

PHOENIX – Arizona is in the list of states with the toughest DUI laws. However, the state Supreme Court has now asked law enforcement officers to alter the way of… Read more →

Drunken Driver Crashes Into Building In Phoenix

PHOENIX – According to authorities, a drunken driver crashed into a building near the freeway early Thursday morning in Phoenix. Apparently, the driver was getting off the -17 at Glendale… Read more →