Penalties For Running Red Lights And Stop Signs In Arizona

One of the most common traffic violations is running a stop sign or a red light. These traffic violations are especially popular when police officers have to meet their monthly ticketing quotas. Read on to know more about the basics of traffic penalties and offenses.

Stop signs and traffic lights are placed at intersections and crossings as traffic-control devices to inform drivers that they have to come to a complete stop at the “limit line.” Traffic lights are usually present at intersections or crossings where there is no limit line, but drivers have to be careful.

A violation of a stop sign or a red light in Arizona carries a number of penalties. Running a stop sign or a red light carries a fine of approximately $250 and will add 2 points to your license. Similarly, a red light camera ticket carries a fine of approximately $165 and will also add 2 points to your license. These fines and penalties may change with time, and may differ from county to county, therefore, it is advised to consult with an attorney who handles traffic and vehicle offenses for information.

The “Right on Red” Rule in Arizona

The state of Arizona allows drivers to make a turn on a red light in some situations. Usually, it is safe to take a right turn on a red light if there is no sign prohibiting it.

The “Left on Red” Rule in Arizona

The state of Arizona also allows left turns on a red light given that both the origin and destination streets are one way.

The “Yellow-Light Rule” in Arizona

It is not illegal to deliberately drive through a yellow light in the state of Arizona. As long as the vehicle crosses the intersection or the limit line before the light turns red, the law is not broken.

Possible Defenses in Running Red Lights and Stop Signs in Arizona

There are a number of possible defenses that can be used in these cases, the most common being that the officer did not see the car come to a complete stop. If the officer is parked a little further from the intersection and cannot see the stop sign and limit line, they may charge the driver. Most drivers usually stop a little behind the stop line, the officer may not be able to see them when they were required to stop. In this case, you need to find out where the officer was parked. It is a good idea to take pictures of the location to show that the officer had limited view.

Another defense that is commonly used is that the driver did not see the red light. The light could be hidden from view, behind adjacent trees or may be obscured due to weather conditions or any other reason. Maybe the driver saw the light but it was too late to stop. Similarly, if the crosswalk has not be painted in a long time and goes unnoticed, that can also cause problems. In such cases, again, it is advised to get photographic evidence in order to prove the reason why the driver could not see the red light or the stop sign and drove through.

Another defense strategy used in some cases is that the traffic light was installed recently. Drivers who regularly pass from an intersection are usually aware of the traffic signals at the intersection. If a light or stop line was recently added or installed, drivers may not be aware of it and they may fail to stop. In other cases, people are charged with a violation if they stopped in front of the stop line instead of behind it.

In all these cases, it is up to the judge to decide whether to charge the driver with a traffic offense or prove them innocent. It all depends on the circumstances of the case.

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