“Over the summer, I was out with some friends celebrating and had a few drinks. I had the least amount of drinks and decided that I would take everyone home. I made a wide turn and was pulled over by an officer. When he came to the window of my car, he asked a few questions. I was terrified and answered all of his questions. I was then taken in for a dui and I felt completely lost. The next day- I immediately started researching attorneys. I called The Law Offices of Brian Sloan and he immediately answered my call. I explained my situation and I met with him shortly thereafter. He explained the entire process to me and he even did a best and worst case scenario of how things could work out. DUI’s are scary and he did his best at giving me more peace of mind.
I feel blessed because my charges were actually dropped a few weeks later. The courts dismissed my charges for no reasonable likelihood of conviction/ no blood test evidence above the legal limit. Brian contacted me right away to share the news and he even refunded my payment. He then e-mailed me the paperwork from the courts that the charge was dropped.

I made a promise to myself that I will never drink and drive. It is much cheaper to just call a cab. If you do end up learning the lesson the hard way, I would call Brian. There is so much information and it can be confusing and scary, Brian can help make the process easier.”