“I was arrested for an aggravated DUI back in October. My DUI was aggravated due to a suspended license. I originally went with a public defender that got me a plea agreement of four months in jail and a class six designated felony. This had my world turned upside down.

My mother looked up criminal DUI attorneys and the first one we had a consultation with was Brian Sloan. Brian immediately put me at ease and said he can get me a misdemeanor DUI with little or no jail time. And that is exactly what he did. He went above and beyond for me and with each court visit he had a newer and better agreement until he got me a misdemeanor DUI with 45 days jail with work release. At first I had mixed feelings on the 45 days but the misdemeanor was what my real goal was I did not want a felony on my record. But the very next morning Mr. Sloan called me with the greatest news ever a misdemeanor with ONE day in jail and possibly time served.

I would not recommend anyone else for a criminal or misdemeanor DUI. Brian Sloan is an aggressive and very knowledgeable attorney who will help you and work with you every step of the way. Thank you for what you did for me Brian and making this extremely tough time for me bearable.”