Suspect In Deadly I-17 Wreck Had History Of DUI

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Phoenix – On Tuesday morning, a deadly crash that happened on I-17 left one individual dead who was travelling to work on his motorcycle. The accident was caused by 33-year-old Leith Monroe.

57-year-old Dennis Oddo was turning onto the highway from Happy Valley Road when Monroe struck him. He died due to the serious injuries sustained in the accident.

According to DPS Public Information Officer Raul Garcia, “The passenger car rear-ended the motorcycle at a high rate of speed, causing one of the front wheels to shear off that vehicle as it struck that motorcycle”.

Monroe attempted to escape from the accident spot, but the motor vehicle was too damaged to get far, told the State troopers.

An individual present near the accident spot saw Monroe get out of her vehicle and stumble around, as stated in the official report. The trooper who responded to the accident spot detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from her and the vehicle. The trooper found many bottles of alcohol, including vodka, in the passenger side of the motor vehicle. Some bottles of alcohol were empty while others were packed which was a proof that she was drinking behind the wheel. Monroe didn’t cooperate with the trooper and refused to identify herself. She was behaving violently, both verbally and physically.

Garcia added, “She has been uncooperative from the beginning with state troopers and state detectives”.

When the troopers were drawing blood for the BAC level test, she attempted to grab the needle. It was proven that she was driving under the influence of alcohol when the accident happened. She was locked up in jail. A DPS spokesman confirmed that it was not the first time she’s been drunk behind the wheel.

There was one pending DUI case against Monroe as she was taken into custody in October 2014 after the Flagstaff police saw a suspicious motor vehicle in a parking lot and found her inside. The cops took her blood to test her BAC level. When the results showed that she was under the influence, she was charged with DUI.

She was also convicted for DUI on 31st December 2012 as shown by the official documents. She had a history of driving under the influence with convictions and driving under the influence charges.

According to the Relatives of Dennis Oddo, who died in Tuesday’s accident, he loved his Harley. His Facebook page is full of images of him enjoying journeys on 2 wheels.

Tommy Oddo, Dennis’ brother, told that he was a safe rider and had installed extra lights on the back of his bike. Tommy added, “He lived his life to the fullest, and it was taken away from him by a drunk driver”.

According to DPS, he was wearing a helmet when the accident occurred.

Suzanne Oddo, who was the wife of Dennis, said that he was a “strong, happy, handsome man”. The couple was a happy family and had 6 children.

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