Phoenix Police Officer At Risk Of Losing Job After Extreme DUI Arrest

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PHOENIX – 30-year-old Robert M. Perez, a Phoenix police officer, is at risk of losing his job after he was arrested for Extreme drunk driving.

The incident took place over the July 4 holiday weekend, on 5 July at 2:07 a.m. to be exact.

Perez was arrested by Ak-Chin Police when an officer reported seeing a vehicle with only one headlight. The vehicle was traveling in the area of Highway 347 and Bart Road near Maricopa, which is south of Phoenix.

According to the law, vehicles require two functioning headlights. The officer began following the vehicle which was reportedly swerving from left to right and crossing lane lines on both sides.

Perez was stopped and administered the standard field sobriety test which he failed. The officer determined that Perez was under the influence and arrested him. The officer also found a Ruger .380 handgun on Perez at the time of his arrest.

During the interrogation, Perez also stated to the arresting officer that he had been “diagnosed with PTSD and depression”.

It is not yet clear if Perez related his drinking to his reported mental-health condition as a full report was not released by the Ak-Chin Police Department.

More details on Perez’s condition and state will be confirmed by mental health or medical personnel only if Perez was deemed to be a danger to himself or others. This was stated by a Phoenix Police Department spokesman after being questioned if Perez were in fact diagnosed with PTSD.

Perez, who has been with the Phoenix Police Department for 7 years, had been recently assigned to the Centralized Booking Detail. This is the unit that processes and transports arrestees so that patrol officers can be freed up quicker to return to the streets.

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