“Words alone could never describe the major impact Attorney Brian Sloan has made in my and my family’s life! And, if you’ve ever experienced losing your freedom before or are now faced with losing it, you definitely understand the heartache, fear that one and especially their family endures. My life was literally turned upside down when I was faced with an Aggravated DUI as a result of driving on a suspended license/w priors.

I was facing 6 to 15 years; and my plea offer with a public defender was 6 years prison. Even if my plea offer was much less time, I was determined, with Brian representing and guiding me, to fight my case as scary as it was knowing that pursuing this, I would then be facing 10 or more years should we lose. I was fighting it, because I wanted justice served.

When no one would believe in me, the situation, Brian Sloan did. It was so life shattering and grueling until the very end. But, right at the very end of my case, when I had lost all hope and would be separated from my family and also had lost all trust in the justice system, justice did prevail. My case was completely dismissed! And – I can’t emphasize this enough – was all because of my attorney Brian Sloan representing me. He is straight forward, honest, respected and very good and knowledgeable at what he does. Also, his fees are extremely reasonable especially for the representation that you will get. Brian saved me from a decade in prison – he saved my life. Also, I can now say from experiencing all of this, that even in this day and age, there are judges out there that are for the people when they are innocent.

I cannot end without saying this – Drinking and driving does kill people. It’s almost like going out in public and shooting a loaded gun that could very well take innocent people’s lives. It’s important that we never drink and drive at all. Also know that if you have a suspended license as a result of a prior DUI and get another one, it is a felony and as a felon, you will deal with those consequences for the rest of your life. I lost a 25-year government career and then some because of this.

In Arizona your DUIs are on your record for a life time! There are good people out there just trying to make a good life for themselves and their families. And, we can make that simple, seemingly innocent mistake when we drink and drive that will affect you for the rest of your life.

If you or anyone you know are ever faced with a DUI, I sincerely, highly recommend Brian Sloan as a DUI attorney. Brian, thanks again for everything you have done for me and my family. You’ve been a blessing!”