“My experience was hell until I had the pleasure speaking with Mr. Sloan. I had a lot more on my plate compared to what I was to do. He knows the law and everything there is in out and in between the court system. So much I have learned from him compared to all of the other lawyers I have had in the past. He was very personal and still keeps in touch to this day. There are a couple more things to do with my case like bringing my case from felony to a misdemeanor that he will take care of for me when my probation is finished. I was to do a lot more probation, jail time, and pay more fines that I actually ended up with due to Mr. Sloan. I am so very grateful that I had the privilege to work with such a knowledgeable lawyer for once. He turned everything to my side in the court, and the way it ended was un-heard-of. He is very promising; will always respond to your needs and questions fast. Very easy to talk to.”