Intense DUI Task Force Planned Near ASU This Weekend

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PHOENIX – For this weekend, police is warning Tempe area residents to think twice before consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. The message by the police was, “Don’t drink and drive.”

According to Sgt. Josie Montenegro with the Tempe Police Department, “Our message is to make smarter decisions. We want people not driving impaired. There are other options.”

Montenegro added that the main purpose of the DUI task force is to make sure every sober driver has a safe weekend.

Arizona State University Police will collaborate with multiple other agencies to keep intoxicated drivers off the roadways to make the sober drivers safe. According to the authorities, officers from Tempe ASU will work with the Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Maricopa County, and Pinal Counties to protect ASU students, community members, and other individuals as well.

She added, “Obviously with ASU being back in session, we see a big increase in pedestrians and bicyclists. The point of having our DUI task force is to prevent people from making poor decisions.”

Attention will not only be paid by the task force on the ASU campus, but police will search for drunk drivers all across the city.

“We have students that attend ASU, but they live outside the ASU district, so that is why it is all over in Tempe,” Montenegro said, adding that the task force is searching for motorists who drive under the influence of any intoxicant, not just students.

Montenegro said that the number of individuals utilizing rideshare services to get home is increasing, such as Uber and Lyft. An increase in the use of traditional ideas, such as calling a taxi or getting a ride from a sober friend has also been seen by the police. She encouraged motorists to continue the trend this weekend to remain safe and keep others safe on the roadways.

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