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What Are The Laws For Bicycle Helmets And Other Protective Gear In Arizona?

Bicycling is very popular among the residents of Phoenix, Arizona. Whether it is for fun, or to commute to school or work, you’ll see a lot of bicyclists around especially on sunny days. Bicycling remains a popular means of transport throughout the metro area in Phoenix. Just like there are safety laws in place for automobile drivers, there are safety laws in place for bicyclists as well in Arizona. These laws require bicycle riders to wear helmets, other protective gear, and safety equipment while riding. Although many riders make an effort to wear helmets, others fail to do so, leading to pretty serious injuries as well as fatalities. Therefore, it is important for bike riders to follow Arizona’s bicycle laws to stay protected.

Importance of wearing a Bicycle Helmet

According to statistics, bicycle accidents claim around 25 lives every year in Arizona, as published in a report by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. There is no federal law requiring the use of helmets for bicyclists, but different states and cities have local laws in place. For example, the Arizona bicycle helmet enforcement law, started in 1993 in Tucson, was the first one requiring the use of helmets for bicycle riders. The law was put in place for riders under the age of 18 years. Soon, cities including Flagstaff, Sierra Vista, Yuma, and Pima County followed after Tucson. Some states and cities require riders of motor scooters, off-road bikes, inline skates and skateboards to wear helmets, but there is hardly any state that requires bicycle riders over the age of 18 years to wear a helmet.

Safety Laws in Arizona for Bicycle Riders

ARS 28-813, ARS 28-814, and ARS 28-817 of the Arizona Revised Statutes define the laws applicable to bicycle riders in Arizona. There are several other statues in place for bicycle riders.

ARS 28-813 requires bicyclists to only ride a bicycle with a properly mounted seat and not to use a bicycle to carry more persons at one time other than the number for which the bicycle is designed and equipped for.

ARS 28-814 states that a person riding a bicycle shall not legally attach the bicycle to a vehicle on a roadway.

ARS 28-815 states that there cannot be more than two riders side-by-side on a road, unless it is a specific bike path.

Texting while riding is also another issue which is covered under ARS 28-816. According to this statute, the rider must have at least one hand on the handlebars at all times. However, if they are texting while moving, it will be difficult for them to do that. Cities like Flagstaff have laws in place which ban texting while riding a bicycle.

ARS 28-817 states that any bicycle used at night time shall have a lamp on the front that emits a white light that is visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front. The bicycle should also have a reflector on the rear that is approved by the department. The reflector should be visible from 50 feet to 300 feet to the rear. The bicycle may also have a lamp that emits red light which is visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear, in addition to the reflector.

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