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What Are The Impacts Of An Extreme DUI in Arizona?

What Further Consequences Can Someone Possibly Face If It Were An Extreme DUI?

There are two different types of extreme DUI in Arizona. Technically, in the law, they are both referred to as extreme DUI. However, attorneys have come to call one of them an extreme DUI and the other one a super-extreme DUI.

In Arizona, if someone has a blood alcohol content at or above 0.15%, all the way up to 0.199%, that is referred to as an extreme DUI. If someone has a blood alcohol content at or above 0.20%, that is referred to as a super-extreme DUI. Whether it’s an extreme or a super-extreme DUI, you’re still dealing with misdemeanor offenses as long as someone had a valid driver’s license; did not have a child in the car; does not have more than one prior DUI conviction within the past seven years; was not ordered to have an ignition interlock device on the vehicle at the time; and did not have an issue with their license where it was suspended, revoked, canceled, refused or restricted.

In Arizona, no matter how high your blood alcohol content is, that is not going to transform a misdemeanor into a felony case. A first-time misdemeanor extreme DUI in Arizona substantially has more fines and fees than a regular DUI. There is the requirement of more ignition interlock device time, and there is usually going to b more required counseling but the license suspension amount of time remains the same. Also the amount of jail time goes up significantly.

For a first-time regular DUI, the minimum sentence is one day in jail and the maximum sentence is six months in jail. However, with an extreme DUI, the minimum sentence becomes 30 days in jail and the maximum sentence is six months in jail. Similar with the super-extreme DUI, the jail time requirement substantially goes up. The minimum required under Arizona law is 45 days in jail with the maximum being six months in jail. The higher the blood alcohol level, the harsher the consequences but things do not go so far to where the person is charged with a felony based on a high blood alcohol content. 

What Other Things Would Come Into Play With A Felony DUI?

Felonies have much harsher penalties. Felonies are looked down upon to a much greater extent in society. When talking about DUI related offenses, it’s going to require prison. Prison does not allow someone to get out to go to work. DUI related felony carries much greater fines and fees, much longer license suspension or revocation, and much longer ignition interlock device time.

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