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What Are The Consequences For Repeat DUI Offenses?

What Are The Consequences For Multiple DUI Arrests And Convictions?

If someone has been convicted of a DUI in the past, that is something that the prosecutor and judge can always take into consideration. Under Arizona law, the prosecutor can use a prior DUI conviction, whether it is from the State of Arizona or whether it is from another state. As long as what happened in the other state would be considered a DUI in the State of Arizona, if that prior DUI conviction happened within seven years from the commission date of the new offense, it will be considered a prior.

These cases are looked at from commission date to commission date. If it happened within seven years, then the prosecutor can allege this new offense as a second-time DUI offense. A second-time offense comes with much more potential jail time, fines, fees and much more license suspension. Actually, it becomes license revocation at that point, much more ignition interlock device time.

Technically, as a second-time DUI offense, if someone is lucky enough to have it dealt with as a misdemeanor instead of being charged as a felony, the minimum sentence becomes 30 days in jail, whereas the maximum sentence becomes six month in jail. If a person has a super-extreme DUI limit, which is a blood alcohol content at or above 0.20% with any type of prior DUI conviction within the past seven years other than a prior super-extreme DUI or a prior extreme DUI, it can simply be a prior regular DUI conviction within seven years.

If someone in a new case has a blood alcohol level at or above 0.20% with a prior DUI within the past seven years, they are in this odd area of the law where the minimum sentence is six months in jail and the maximum sentence is six months in jail if the case is charged as a misdemeanor. Having a prior DUI conviction dealing with the case as a second-time offense greatly increases the punishment and the potential of a much more severe jail sentence. However, it is a lot better than dealing with the case as a felony because by the time they get their second one, it’s going to be a felony for one reason or another. 

Are There Any Other Consequences In A DUI Conviction?

There is always a potential for additional consequences such as the fines and fees, counseling and the potential of job loss. Then there is the issue concerning being able to go to Canada which might refuse entry to someone who has been arrested or convicted of a DUI. Anyone charged with a DUI planning to go to another country is advised to talk to an immigration attorney or do some research to find out if that country might turn them away.

DUIs taken to be very serious and Arizona is one of the harshest states when dealing with these charges and convictions. Most people seem to be most concerned about their license and most of the time, there is no way to get around a license suspension, either for being suspected of DUI or being convicted of a DUI.

Dealing with a first-time regular DUI today, the requirement for an ignition interlock device for one year with the ability to get that reduced down to six months if they do the first six months correctly. The Motor Vehicle Division will follow the law that was in effect at the time that the person was arrested. For anyone dealing with a DUI case now, the Motor Vehicle Division is going to follow the rules concerning the ignition interlock device back at the time that the person was arrested, which could be seven years ago.

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