What Are The Collateral Consequences Of A DUI In Arizona?

Are Most People Surprised At The Collateral Consequences That A DUI Conviction Can Have On Their Life?

There is always a potential of collateral consequences, especially concerning people’s job and people’s insurance. When the first-time offense is a misdemeanor, usually the collateral consequences can be minimized. There may be short term impacts, especially in the case of teachers or nurses, people who have oversight agencies, or require fingerprint clearance cards. Those are some of the bigger issues that people have with the collateral consequences of a DUI arrest, not even certainly a DUI conviction.

Some of the obvious consequences of a DUI conviction are that insurance rates can go up, the potential need for an ignition interlock device, having a fingerprint clearance card taken away, the fines and fees that are required by law and the license suspension as required by law. Some people have to deal with their license suspension just for being arrested for a DUI, even if ultimately they end up never being convicted of any type of offense.

There are definitely collateral consequences and it’s not just a matter of paying a fine and moving on with your life. Teachers and nurses tend to deal with more collateral consequences than the general public but there are ways of minimizing those outcomes and that’s why it’s important to have an attorney to advise you what to do if you are facing a DUI charge. It is especially important if you are a nurse or in nursing school or you are a teacher or really in any type of profession.

There are some people who are in certain professions which basically means that if they are charged with a DUI, they are going to lose their job. This usually comes down to truck drivers and professional drivers with CDL licenses – commercial driver’s licenses. In places like UPS or FedEx, if you are arrested for a DUI, you may end up losing your job or at least get transferred to a different location. Mechanics can also have issues because they need a license in order to do their job. Sometimes it can be minimized. Most of the time, it can be minimized but sometimes, it can’t be done and people do end up losing their jobs, at least temporarily.

These are people who do not get the guidance of an attorney that knows what they are doing or people who did not take the initiative to actually consult with an attorney at all.

What Are Some Of The Things Someone With A DUI Conviction On Their Record Might Face From A Financial Standpoint?

Money is going to be spent on an attorney and on fines and fees that are required under Arizona law that are mandatory. There are mandatory minimums if they are convicted of a DUI. Their insurance rates will also likely go up. They are going to have to deal with an ignition interlock device or have to pay for cab rides or other public transport such as Uber, the Metro Rail or the bus, all of which costs money.

Are Fines Or Classes Additional?

In most cases, the offender is going to be required to do some sort of alcohol or drug counseling as well and that does cost money. A counselor determines how many hours of counseling a person is required to do. The more hours of counseling, the more money it costs.

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