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What Are SR-22 and other Insurance Requirements in Arizona?

Drivers in the state of Arizona are required to be covered by liability insurance. The insurance must be obtained through an authorized company which has the permission to do business in the state.

When someone is involved in an automobile accident in Arizona, or if they are pulled over by a police officer at the side of the road, they will be asked to show proof of insurance. If the individual is found to be driving without insurance, their vehicle registration and their driver’s license may be suspended. Once the suspension is over, the individual will be required to prove financial responsibility in order to receive reinstatement of their vehicle registration and their driver’s license.

What are the Insurance coverage requirements in Arizona?

Given below are the standards for minimum coverage required by law in the state of Arizona. If policyholders are concerned about coverage, they can obtain higher coverage.

The maximum amount each person would receive for bodily injuries sustained in an automobile accident is $15,000

The maximum amount which can be covered by the policy for all bodily injuries to all persons is $30,000. This means that if several people are injured in the accident, then those who file first would receive payment as stated above. Once the total payment is reached, the remaining parties will have to file a suit in order to receive amounts over this amount.

The total amount paid for property damage is $10,000

When do you need SR-22 Insurance?

“SR” stands for Safety Responsibility law. SR-22 is a document which verifies that someone has automobile insurance. It is prepared by the insurance company and is filed with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). One thing to more about the SR-22 is that it is not an insurance policy, but it is evidence that you have a policy.

If a driver is convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, driving without insurance, or any other driving violation which results in the suspension of their driver’s license, then the driver will be required to have an SR-22 in order to reinstate their driver’s license. If you own a motor vehicle, you will be required to have the SR-22, but if you don’t own a vehicle, the you will be required to have a non-owner SR-22.

In most cases, the driver will be required to have the SR-22 for a number of years. For example, in case of a DUI conviction, the SR-22 is required for 5 years. If the policy holder fails to pay the premiums, their SR-22 is cancelled and an SR-26 is filed with the DMV instead. When DMV receives the SR-22, the policy holder’s driver’s license is suspended until a new SR-22 is filed.

What happens if you’re involved in an accident in another state?

If you are involved in an automobile accident in a state other than Arizona, most policies will increase to match the minimum requirements of the state in which the accident occurred. The 12 states that have a no-fault insurance system require that your insurer pays for your damages.

Determining Insurance Premiums

A number of factors are taken into consideration by insurance companies when determining insurance premiums. Some of the common factors taken into consideration include:

  • A history of the driver’s driving record
  • Any previous violations the driver was involved in such as a DUI, or an accident
  • The credit score of the driver. The bad the credit score, the higher the insurance rates
  • The number of miles driven by the driver
  • The occupation the person is involved in
  • The location where the individual is currently residing
  • Whether the individual is married or single
  • How educated is the individual
  • The age and gender of the driver
  • The type of car driven by the individual, it’s make and model

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