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Teen driving limits in Arizona

States like Arizona have put limitations on teen driving practices which has helped reduce the number of fatal crashes that take place on the roads. According to Arizona driving laws, teen drivers are eligible for a graduated or an instructional driving permit. For a driver to be able to qualify for the graduated permit in Arizona, they much be at least 15 years and 6 months of age. The teen applicant is also required to pass the necessary written tests. Any teen driver holding a graduated permit in Arizona is to be accompanied by a class A, B, C, or D licensed driver, with the licensed driver sitting in the passenger seat next to the teen driver.

Class “G” Graduated Drivers License in Arizona

For a teen driver to qualify for a Glass ‘G’ license, also called a graduated drivers license, the teen must have held an Arizona instructional permit for a period of at least six months. Alternately, the teen can possess a valid driver’s license from another state. In Arizona, a teen may be issued a graduated driver’s license if they are between 16 and 18 years old.

Once a Glass ‘G’ or graduated license is issued, certain restrictions have to be followed. The teen cannot drive from 12:00 am through 5:00 am without being accompanied by a legal guardian or parent. However, there may be an exception to this rule if the teen is driving to or from a sanctioned religious event, a school sponsored event, a family emergency, or a place of employment.

There are other restrictions in place too. For example, the teen driver cannot drive with more than one passenger under the age of 18 years in the vehicle. Again, there are exceptions to this rule too. If the teen is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who holds a valid driver’s license and is sitting in the passenger seat next to the teen, then the teen may be able to travel with young siblings in the car.

The teen applicant is also required to complete a MVD approved driver’s education course. If the course is not completed, then the legal guardian or parent of the teen is required to submit a certified document stating that the teen applicant has completed at least 30 hours of supervised driving practice. From this 30 hours of supervised practice, at least 10 hours must be of nighttime driving.

After successfully completing 6 months of restricted driving, the teen may be able to drive unrestricted until they reach the age of 18 years. After turning 18 years of age, the teen driver can apply for an unrestricted Class ‘D’ license.

Arizona Motorcycle License Permit

In Arizona, if a teen wishes to receive a Motorcycle Class ‘M’ permit, then the applicant must be at least 15 years and 6 months of age. The teen also needs parental permission to be able to get a Class ‘M’ permit or driver license. To begin the process, the teen and parent is required to supply the necessary application documents. The teen driver is also required to pass a vision and written test and must have completed at least 30 hours of supervised practice. Alternately, the teen driver should have completed a certified motorcycle safety course.

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