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How Does A DUI Affect Employment And Other Professions?

What Is The Arizona Fingerprint Card And How Would It Be Affected By A DUI Conviction?

Certain occupations require a fingerprint clearance card. The most likely occupation is that of a teacher. A teacher is required to have an active and valid fingerprint card in order to enter a classroom. Surprisingly a lot of teachers who face DUI charges, only half of them actually lose their fingerprint clearance card.

There are certain attorneys that specifically assist teachers in the issues that they may face in front of the oversight agency for teachers. If a teacher ends up with a DUI conviction, once the attorney is able to get the conviction set aside, then they are welcomed back into the classroom, and they are able to get their fingerprint clearance card back.

There are quite a few government employees who have fingerprint clearance cards as well. They are sent a letter in the mail from the government saying that they are no longer able to transport either customers or fellow employees after being arrested for a DUI. Quite a few of these individuals don’t even realize that they were ever allowed to do it or that they ever had permission, or needed permission to do it.

This is where having an attorney to direct you on how to proceed through the system can be helpful to minimize the amount of time that you are away from your job and to minimize the amount of time that they are not able to have that fingerprint clearance card.

Can Having A DUI Conviction On Record Possibly Affect Your Ability To Enroll In Health And Nursing Programs?

Nurses, doctors and people in medical professions tend to have issues when it comes to DUI arrests and DUI convictions. Usually, it is short-lived, and it is not going to destroy their career in the fields, however.

Attorney Brian Sloan had a client who was being denied enrolling in a nursing school because of three DUI convictions. He was able to take care of the three DUI convictions that they had received throughout Maricopa County. Once all three DUI convictions were set aside, the person was welcomed back into nursing school.

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Similar things can happen with nurses themselves. They may have problems continuing their job because they do have an oversight agency; they are required to disclose through their oversight agency that they have been arrested for a DUI, usually within five to ten days. If they don’t inform the oversight agency, they potentially set themselves up for losing their jobs anyways.

The way that teachers and nurses and some other professions are dealt with can be different than how the general public is dealt with as far as DUI cases are concerned. They need to be handled a little bit different to ensure that the impact on their career, based on this DUI arrest and possible DUI conviction, is minimized.

What Other Professions Might Be Affected By Having A DUI Conviction And How?

Usually, it’s the professions with some sort of oversight agency, such as the nurses, the teachers, the doctors, the lawyers, and police officers. Many employers would not necessarily be happy to hear that their employee received a DUI charge, but most of the time it’s really not going to be that big of a deal.

An attorney often finds out what type of occupation they are in during the free consultation and the attorney will make certain recommendations from there. These recommendations can guide someone on how to jump through certain hoops or get into certain types of counseling in order to show their employer that this was an isolated incident. This will ensure that all their work policies are followed and to show that the person is taking an initiative or taking things serious and that this is not going to be an issue in the future.

You will rarely ever hear that someone lost their job based on a DUI. Every now and again it happens, usually when their job involves operating some sort of vehicle, but rare for someone to actually lose their job over a first-time misdemeanor DUI arrest.

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