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Defense Attorney Brian Sloan’s Accreditations in DUI Law

Interviewer: Well, I guess instead of people thinking they can expect the maximum penalty, they should expect fair equal treatment. They should expect the seriousness of the offense to be fully prosecuted, I think, is a better way to put it.

I also saw, in looking over your materials, that you have different associations you’re a part of and numerous accreditations. This includes, obviously the state bar and also the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice and Super Lawyers and others. These accreditations, what do they mean? What organizations are you a part of that show that you’re focused on DUI defense and that you’re not just someone that dabbles in that legal area? Are there any accreditations and associations that you want to talk about that are important?

Brian: Associations are nice. Your membership looks good on a website and they look good to be able to display a placard. There are quite a few of them that you just kind of buy into. Some of them are free. The AVVO is one, where you can basically manipulate the system to be a perfect 10. But it looks good to the public.

There are other ones, the AACJ, Maricopa County Bar Association. There are a lot of bar associations and groups that look good, but all it really entails is paying a monthly or a yearly fee. There are other associations that really should have a lot more weight. The public should see those people with higher regard.

Super Lawyers is one of them. Although I haven’t announced it yet, I don’t actually get to announce it until April, Super Lawyers has awarded me Rising Star for 2013, which is a prestigious honor. It’s not something that you can buy. It’s not something that I requested. Just out of the blue, they took recognition of all the work that I’ve done. So, I will be designated Super Lawyers Rising Star. Just today I was peer reviewed by Martindale Hubbell, which is another prestigious organization. They rated me a 4.9 out of 5. That’s based on reviews from other attorneys within Maricopa County.

When Reviewing an Attorney’s Accreditations, Not All Are Credible or Earned By Exhibiting Exemplary Defense Tactics

There are certain establishments that are better than others. It’s the ones where you are peer reviewed or you are given an award of some sort. Not necessarily all of them that give out awards are credible. But Super Lawyers is something to be earned, Martindale Hubbell is something to be earned, and I have earned very high prestigious awards.

Interviewer:   Are you a member of the National College for DUI Defense, NCDD?

Brian: I’m not, just because I don’t see the benefit of doing that. Again, it would be something to pay just to be able to put it on the website and I can do that. I’ve gone to the seminars. I don’t learn anything at the seminars.

I mean I could buy a membership. I’m trying to remember, I don’t think I’ve taught at that seminar. I could buy it if I needed to or if I wanted to.

By Brian Douglas Sloan

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