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Choosing a Defense Attorney for Your DUI Case: What Can You Expect From Attorney Sloan?

Interviewer: Can you explain what the process is when a potential client calls your office? What is someone going to experience when they contact you that is unique about your practice and specific to you rather than another defense attorney?

Look for an Attorney Who Can Devote Time Answering Any of Your Questions Before Your Free Consultation

Brian Sloan: When someone calls me, I talk to them on the phone. I answer any and all questions that they might have. I invite them to my office for a free in-depth consultation. I do tend to go quite in-depth on what I see in the case, what happened in the case, provide information on the motor vehicle division and the fact that their license is very likely to be suspended under suspicion of DUI.

Attorney Sloan Offers a Complimentary In-Depth Consultation

Although I ask people to come down to my office, I spend about an hour to an hour and a half talking with them. It’s really a no pressure situation. I’m not going to force them to enter into a contract with me. I’m not going to force them to give me money. I want to talk to people, and I really want them to understand what they’re facing, what issues there may be in their case, what the penalties potentially could be, and what their options are. I do want to help people.

Avoid Pressure Tactics to Sign a Contract

When they leave here, I would say probably half the people are just not sure. They’re not ready. They don’t know where the finances are going to come from. Many people are impressed with what I have to say. They are impressed with me generally and if they want, then I can print up a contract, and they can enter into it right then and there.

Attorney Sloan Understands That Choosing an Attorney Shouldn’t Become a Hasty Decision

If they want to think about it, they need to consult with family members I’m happy to give them a copy of a contract, and they can take it home. I don’t need to pester people. I know that I’m good at what I do, and I know that if they need a private attorney for a DUI case that they will want to come back for me.

What I offer them is not only this free in-depth consultation on the DUI-related charge as well as the motor vehicle division, but I offer a very reasonable payment plan. I offer a contract that breaks down my representation into phases, which makes it a lot easier for my clients to afford experienced representation.

Knowing What You Are Paying For to Defend Your DUI: Attorney Sloan Offers a Comprehensive Fee Breakdown

Interviewer: So let’s say your representation would be X amount, then, if you have to go to trial that’s another X; you break it down depending on what you have to do in a case?

Brian Sloan: They are flat fees, but I try to make it easier so that I’m not having to refund money because I charge too much. I used to charge a flat rate of several thousand dollars, but what I was finding is that I did not do enough work to substantiate taking that much money and I’d end up refunding my client’s money.

Can You Afford a DUI Attorney? Attorney Sloan Stands Behind Charging a Reasonable Fee

I decided, “Let me try something new,” and I think I’m the only attorney that does this. I break up my fees in a certain way so that a person knows what they’re getting into, there are no hidden fees, and they’re not overpaying me. They’re getting experienced representation at an affordable rate and it’s up to them how much they want to pay and if they want to go forward.

My clients are very happy with this arrangement, and quite honestly, I’ve taken cases where there are other attorneys out there with half the knowledge that I have charging two or three times as much, and people are surprised at how reasonable my fees are.

Interviewer: Have you received good feedback on this fee breakdown so far?

Brian Sloan: Definitely. I’ve only been doing it for about four months and people are very happy. They come to me saying, “I thought you were going to charge me $5,000.” And a lot of clients only end up paying me about $1,500.

If they’re charged with a misdemeanor, probably about half of my clients will only ever pay is $1,500. They receive full representation from me, short of doing interviews and filing motions and going to trial and they’re very happy with what they paid and the end result. Often I’m able to get them a very beneficial plea agreement that they’re very satisfied with, and they know that they did not pay two to three times as much to another attorney and ended up with a less favorable outcome.

By Brian Douglas Sloan

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