Can You Get A DUI Conviction Expunged in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can have a DUI conviction expunged so it does not have an effect on the rest of your life. Anyone having a DUI on their record can be eligible to have that conviction set aside if they meet certain requirements. Before you read about how to get your DUI set aside, you need to understand what is a DUI expungement and the DUI expungement process.

What is a DUI Expungement?

The term used to have a DUI conviction cleared or expunged in Arizona is called setting aside a conviction. Under Arizona law, only juveniles under the age of 18 who have committed a crime are technically allowed to have their record expunged.

Anyone who has proven to be responsible ever since their DUI conviction is eligible to have their DUI conviction set aside. Once that conviction is set aside, it will not appear in basic background checks which are run by universities, potential employers, as well as other companies and creditors. Anyone doing a deeper search will be able to see that a DUI was present but was dismissed.

The good thing about getting a DUI expunged is that you can legally declare on any applications that you have never been convicted of a crime, given that you don’t have any other criminal record apart from that DUI. Getting a DUI expunged improves your chances of applying for a job, getting a scholarship or getting admission in certain colleges or universities that require a clean background.

Setting Aside Your DUI Conviction

In order to have a DUI conviction set aside, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. These may include:

  • Paying any fees and fines
  • Completing any probation period successfully
  • Completing any jail sentence
  • Attending mandatory classes and other court-mandated tasks such as installing an Ignition Interlock Device

You will need to keep record of everything in order to prove in court that you have actually met all terms of your DUI sentence. Most judges will also look at a clean record since the actual DUI conviction before expungement.

Contact an experienced DUI defense attorney in order to prepare and complete the expungement process successfully. You will need to fill out and submit paperwork from the Arizona Superior Court to have the conviction set aside. The attorney will also help with the complex details that need to be prepared to file a motion to set aside the conviction.

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