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5 Things To Know About Arizona Super Extreme DUI Convictions

There are a couple of states that have laws relating to Super Extreme DUI, and Arizona is one of them. Anyone driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.20% or more will be arrested and charged with a Super Extreme DUI. Although a Super Extreme DUI charge is a misdemeanor offense, it carries with it a jail sentence which is longer than most first-time felonies. Read on to know about some unique characteristics of a Super Extreme DUI in Arizona:

Installation Of An Ignition Interlock Device

Offenders facing a Super Extreme DUI conviction are required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for an extended period of time. For a Super Extreme DUI conviction, the minimum period required for an IID installation is 18 months. For a standard DUI conviction in Arizona, the minimum period for IID installation is 12 months.

Jail Sentence

A Super Extreme DUI, with blood alcohol level 0.20% or more, requires a minimum jail term of 45 days. For an Extreme DUI conviction in Arizona, with BAC between 0.15% and 0.20%, the minimum jail term is 30 days. For a standard DUI in Arizona, the minimum jail term is 1 day.

Name In DUI Offenders List

Booking photos of most DUI offenders may be uploaded to the Maricopa County Attorneys’ Office website, increasing their chance of getting their name in lights. Although explicit details of every case may not be added with the pictures, offenders caught with an exceptionally high BAC, or those who fall under the Super Extreme and Extreme DUI category, are highlighted on the website along with their test results.

Out Of State Offenders May Go To Trial

Anyone visiting Arizona from another state and ends up getting a Super Extreme DUI will probably go to trial. They will have a difficult time getting a plea offer. Many prosecuting officers will offer long periods of jail for these cases. In fact, the offender may get the same period of jail even if they went to trial and lost.

DUI offenders from within Arizona may be able to maintain their employment during their jail term. Some offenders may be granted work release or home detention during this time. However, out of state offenders do not have this option. Going to trial is often the best option they have in these cases.

Contact An Attorney Who Can Help Reduce The Charges

If someone is charged with a Super Extreme DUI in Arizona, they will not necessarily be convicted of it. If they are able to get in touch with an experienced and qualified DUI defense attorney, they can have the charges reduced or possibly dismissed. The attorney will consider the following to help build a defense case:

  • What was the BAC level and how far above 0.20% was it?
  • Were there any issues with the blood testing process?
  • Did the driver show any signs of intoxication? If yes, how bad was their driving?
  • Was there was disconnect between the test result and how the person was acting?
  • Were there any constitutional or procedural violations?

All these factors affect the outcome of a DUI case. In most cases, if the defense attorney has a strong case, the government or prosecutors will offer a reduced plea offer. Whatever the case, if you are facing a Super Extreme DUI conviction in Arizona, you will be facing increased penalties. Therefore, it is advised to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney who can get the charges reduced or dismissed.

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