66-Year-Old Grandmother Killed By Drunk Arizona Teacher

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An elementary school teacher has been taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder after she ran over a grandmother while driving under the influence of alcohol.

66-year-old Kathleen Searcy was killed by 30-year-old Erica Kristine Flynn in Chandler, Arizona, on 27th of December who was driving her motor vehicle with a BAC level 3 times the legal limit. The accident happened at about 10.30pm.

Flynn is a third grade teacher at Frye Elementary School and she was reportedly driving more than 75mph when she ran a red light and crashed into the victim’s motor vehicle as she turned.

When the accident happened, she was not wearing her seat belt and smashed her head into the windshield on impact.

Flynn did not hit the brakes of her motor vehicle before the accident and may have smoked marijuana, said KPHO.

Flynn, who was only in her 1st year of teaching, was booked into county jail with a mug shot showing her with a black eye and cuts all over her face.

She appeared in court for the hearing in a wheelchair with her arm still in a sling. She was crying with sorrow as a judge told the court that her criminal history was clear with no offense.

He said, “You have no felonies, no misdemeanors, no juvenile record, not even a traffic offense that is showing up.”

The judge decided to release her on bail after she agreed to stay away from alcohol and not to drive her motor.

The judge said, “I don’t even want it in your house. If you have any alcohol, you need get rid of it.”

On 15th of January, she will return to face the judge for a status update and her preliminary hearing is scheduled for 22nd of January.

Detective Seth Tyler of Chandler Police told Fox Phoenix 10, “Very, very violent crash. This was a completely avoidable traffic incident that happened and it happened because one individual decided to consume an exorbitant amount of alcohol and made the selfish decision to get into her car and drive”.

A spokesman for the Chandler Unified School District told the station that Flynn would not be returning as a teacher after the holiday break and that she will not teach at the school any more.

News Source: www.DailyMail.co.uk

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