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Texting And Driving Ban Being Considered By Arizona Senate

PHOENIX – The Arizona Senate will discuss the topic of texting and driving in their meeting on Wednesday.

Texting and driving have been outlawed by 44 states. A proposed law by State Sen. Steve Farley would make Arizona the next to ban the act.

“It is about time that we join the rest of the gang and realize how dangerous driving while texting is,” said Farley.

According to Farley, the issue of texting and driving should be called out just like drunk driving. Statistics show that drivers who are texting are 2,300 percent more likely to be involved in an accident.

A similar law was proposed in January 2007 by the senator who was the first legislator in the country to propose a texting and driving ban. However, the bill was rejected by Arizona lawmakers.

“This isn’t a partisan issue, this isn’t a red or a blue thing, it’s about saving lives,” he said.

News Source: www.Ktar.com

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