PJ Tucker Accused Of ‘Super-Extreme’ DUI

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In May, Scottsdale police took Phoenix Suns player P.J. Tucker into custody on suspicion of super extreme DUI.

Scottsdale police said that on 10th of May, Tucker’s BAC level was shown at 0.201 by a preliminary breath test. A driver is considered to be under the influence for a DUI charge in Arizona with a BAC .08 or more. A blood test administered after Tucker was taken to jail and later analyzed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety showed his BAC to be .222. A person is charged with super extreme DUI if their BAC is at .20 or more.

The 23-year-old player was reported by a Scottsdale police officer who saw him driving his 2011 Mercedes-Benz slowly through a stop sign at North Buckboard Trail and East Camelback Road, near a famous downtown Scottsdale nightlife area.

A report showed that Tucker was driving northbound when it ran the stop sign around 12:30 a.m., turned wide into the right lane on westbound Camelback and turned wide again while straddling two lanes on northbound Scottsdale Road before the officer stopped him.

The report also showed that Tucker had thick and slurred speech, also had watery and bloodshot eyes. Other than that, the police officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol on him. Tucker told the officer that he was coming from the W Scottsdale Hotel, where he had consumed one beer. The police officer issued him a walk-and-turn test; Tucker stumbled to the side and caught himself on a construction fence.

Tucker was summoned to court for a stop-sign violation and DUI charges, the most severe of which was a super-extreme DUI which carries a minimum 45-day jail sentence if the suspect is convicted.

Tucker signed a three-year, $16.5 million contract ($12.7 million guaranteed) with the Suns, last week. The Suns had knowledge of the charges before signing Tucker to his deal. Last season, he became a regular starter for the Suns and was an on- and off-court leader. He averaged 9.4 points and 6.5 rebounds last season while serving as the team’s top defender, an improved 3-point shooter and a repeat winner of the Dan Majerle Hustle Award.

The NBA suspended then-Brooklyn coach Jason Kidd and Dallas player Devin Ebanks for the first 2 games of the regular season due to the reason of their offseason DUI convictions, that happened last season.

The Suns declined comment until the case is solved in court.

News Source: www.AZCentral.com

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