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News report confirms decrease in DUI arrests in Arizona in 2013

Phoenix, AZ – It is necessary for individuals to continue to drive their vehicles sober to keep Arizona’s roads safe for other individuals present there.

In 2013, the state’s first reduction in the arrests related to alcohol in nearly a decade was recorded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Police officers who participated in the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s statewide task force recorded more than 29,000 driving under the influence arrests in 2013. From 2012, the ratio of DUI arrests showed a decrease of more than 3,000, according to the AZFamily report. The report also showed that 2013 marked the first year in close to a decade that alcohol-related arrests reduced all over the state. DUI arrests increased from almost 5,300 in 2004 to more than 10,000 in 2007. State officials said that 20,000 arrests were reported in 2010 and more than 31,000 in 2011.

Lawyers can assist those individuals injured in alcohol related accidents and families whose loved ones died in crashes to pursue compensation for their losses. An attorney can hold the negligent individual responsible and send a message that careless or reckless behavior will not be tolerated on Arizona roads which poses danger to the life of other individuals present on the roads.

News Source: www.DigitalJournal.com

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