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New Study Shows That Uber Doesn’t Decrease Drunk Driving Deaths

A recent study showed that the number of accidents and fatalities caused by drunk driving are not reducing with Uber.

Drunk driving statistics were taken from the 100 most populated metro areas in the United States by individuals who conducted the research. The time period taken by the research for its completion was from 2009 to 2014.

Researchers found that Uber did not assist in or proved helpful in reducing the rate of fatalities that are caused by driving drunk.

It was claimed by Uber that its service can assist reduce the chances of drunk driving.

It references another study that shows a reduction in fatalities caused by drunk driving in California.

According to the researcher, his new study used a different set of controls that is “arguably more complete.”

Uber replied to an Email to give a response to the study to the Washington Post in which it was written, “We’re glad Uber can provide an alternative to drunk driving and help people make more responsible choices. Our ridership numbers show that trips peak at times when people are more likely to be out drinking and 80 percent of riders say that Uber has helped them personally avoid drinking and driving.”

News Source: www.AZFamily.com

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