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Medical Malpractice due to Misdiagnosis

When your health care provider, typically your family doctor, fails to correctly recognize the symptoms of your illness, the result is often a wrong diagnosis. And the consequences of a wrong diagnosis are usually unnecessary medical tests, procedures, or incorrect medications. A misdiagnosis also has the potential to actually worsen your condition, as it may keep your real illness from getting treated in due time. For these and other reasons, misdiagnosis can be a serious health issue.

There may be different causes from which a misdiagnosis occurs as a result. All of these, however, have the same factor:  negligence or failure to meet the standard of care expected of a medical professional. Misdiagnosis, which is one case under medical malpractice, is a serious injustice to patients. Any health care provider who can be proven to be guilty of it should be held liable and should compensate the victims for the financial losses and burdens (such as the costs of further or new medical treatment and wages lost) they and their families undergo.

It is, therefore, important that you seek legal counsel if you are a victim of misdiagnosis, so that you will know exactly what your rights are as a victim. With a wrong diagnosis attorney by your side, you can be assured of strong representation and defense for your rights.

Personal Injury and Your Rights as a Victim

Personal injury is a civil case that is tried under tort law. It is this law which allows the victim to file a claim for damages and, if approved by the court, to receive compensation from those accountable for the injury. Legal representation in these circumstances is often critical to the success of the case, and therefore it is best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible following a misdiagnosis.

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