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‘Extreme’ DUI BAC in Holidays for Arizona Drunk Drivers

Arizona’s statistics for drunk driving during the holidays this time around have not been as well as had been hoped. This is despite the fact that police officers were on duty all over the state and they probably heard the excuse ‘just two beers’ all too often whenever they stopped suspicious drivers. The state government has revealed their DUI enforcement statistics proving that most drivers are far from sober when they stop at a DUI checkpoint.

2012 was the second consecutive year in which the statistics for average Blood Alcohol Concentration was 0.15 for all the drivers that were pulled over after Thanksgiving and during DUI enforcement campaigns. The legal BAC limit in Arizona is 0.08 making the 0.15 category far above what is legally permissible forcing the authorities to claim the statistics to be ‘extreme’ DUI.

Among the cumulative statistics for the year 2012, a total of 772,199 traffic stops were made for DUI out of which barely 5633 of the drivers were found to be sober. Surprisingly, the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety revealed that the drivers pulled over were somewhat less drunk during the holiday season as compared to the rest of the year. The holiday average BAC was 0.15 while that for the entire year was reported to be 0.151.

During the holiday season i.e. from Thanks giving to the Christmas time, out of the total 3,353 people who were arrested for DUI, only 888 were touching the extreme drunk level. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are some drivers who are actually destroying the entire percentage average for Arizona city. In the same area last year, there were around 888 people who were arrested on DUI charges, out of which more than 700 people were found in extreme DUI condition.

At the same time, it has been observed that the police have performed very well in indentifying and catching drunken drivers. Between November 23rd and December 27th, a total number of 67,225 people were pulled over as DUI suspects statewide; almost 2.5 times the drivers were determined to be drunk according to the police statistics.

As a whole, only 5 percent of the people pulled over by the police as DUI suspects are actually drunk but most of them (around 40 percent) still get a ticket for some other violation like speeding etc. More than 26,000 were arrested for DUI charges out of which 7,696 were found to be extremely drunk while 1,076 of the total were under the age of 21.

Similarly, statistics indicate that almost 3,600 people were arrested for DUI and drug usage and the overall average known BAC for the entire year 2012 is calculated at 0.151 and the total number of participant police officers were 47, 296 who ensured that all the DUI suspects were caught and fined or punished according to the level of alcohol in their breath. The highest number of officers employed for this purpose was in the months of November and December when most offenses happened.

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