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Drunk Driver Crashes Into Empty Page High School

PAGE – According to Page Police report, a Kayenta man was taken into custody after crashing his vehicle into a classroom at Page High School and causing about $20,000 in damage early Tuesday morning.

At around 4:22 a.m., he was taken into custody after driving his Chevy Suburban into a science classroom in PHS’ main building.

Page Police said that the police officers found the vehicle had gone through the wall of the high school, located at Coppermine Road and Lake Powell Boulevard. Coppermine Road dead-ends at the high school and is in direct line with the east end of its main building.

Officers searched the driver, who was still inside the motor vehicle, according to Capt. Ray Varner. The vehicle went through a large concrete and steel pole, then through a large, multi-window frame assembly and stopped inside a classroom, after sometime, he was identified by school officials as Maggie McCorkle’s teacher, in G-109. The vehicle damaged many table-top islands, which had water pipes connected to them. The water lines damaged that caused flooding in the classroom.

Principal Paul Gagnon told staff members by e-mail, “Fortunately, damage was limited to just Maggie’s room. However, other classrooms in the science wing have issues with water and some limited power outage. Due to the contained damage, school will be occurring as usual. Maggie will be moving to G-110 and we will get people here to take care of the damage to the classroom”.

The driver sustained non-life threatening cuts and scrapes due to the accident and was treated at the scene by Page Fire Department medical units, according to Varner. Investigation showed that the reason of the incident was alcohol.

Police charged 47-year-old Edsel Young with super extreme DUI, false reporting to a law enforcement officer and aggravated criminal damage.

News Source: www.AZDailySun.com

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