Driver in Fatal Phoenix Crash had a BAC level four times the legal limit

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PHOENIX – A Phoenix man was taken into custody on five felony and five misdemeanor charges after a fatal freeway rollover. He allegedly had a BAC level almost 4 times the legal limit for Arizona drivers. Police said that the man crashed his car into a tree and a wall on the side of Interstate 10; he was driving while extremely drunk.

According to the court documents that were released on Friday, the BAC level of 34-year-old Edwin Hurt was 0.317% when he rolled a luxury car on Sunday night on Interstate 10 in Tolleson. The legal limit for driving in Arizona is 0.08 percent. No other car was involved in the accident which occurred near the 83rd Avenue exit on I-10 Sunday night.

The accident left one passenger dead due to head trauma and another critically injured. He had skull fractures, rib fractures, a punctured lung and one arm amputated.

Xanax pills were found in the Jaguar’s center console according to the authorities although Hunt doesn’t have a prescription for the drug.

Hunt was summoned to court on Friday on charges of manslaughter, extreme DUI, endangerment and possession of a dangerous drug.

His bond was set at $150,000.

According to the court records, he doesn’t have a lawyer yet and his next hearing is scheduled for 24th of October.

Police checked out Hurt’s Facebook page and they found images of him throwing back multiple alcoholic beverages at a restaurant/bar that he had posted before the car accident. Those photos have since been deleted from his Facebook profile, according to the court documents. Court documents show that he also has prior convictions for driving under the influence, drugs, assault and contempt of court.

He has been transferred to the Fourth Avenue Jail.

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