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Alleged drunk driver on the loose

TEMPE, Ariz. – Reports confirm that a drunk driver was on the loose and slightly injured as well after he ran off. Officers told that the person who backed into… Read more →

59-year-old Arizona woman with 4 DUI convictions arrested for extreme DUI

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – A 59-year-old Arizona woman has been arrested on suspicion of extreme DUI. According to Northern Arizona authorities, the Williams woman already has four DUI convictions. This makes… Read more →

Dozens of DUI prosecutions in Arizona threatened by Officer Todd Long’s misconduct

TEMPE, AZ – The main purpose of Tempe Police Department specialized squad is to keep intoxicated drivers off the roads for the safety of citizens. Todd Long, 17-year veteran, is… Read more →

Man with prosthetic leg from Arizona arrested for 7th DUI

SILVER CITY – Police reports confirm that a 52-year-old man with a prosthetic leg was arrested for his seventh DUI on Highway 180 near Gila, New Mexico. He belongs to… Read more →

Arizona Supreme Court being asked to review ruling on DUI test for marijuana

PHOENIX – The Arizona Supreme Court is being asked to review a ruling on DUI testing for marijuana. The ruling, passed by a lower court in Arizona, came forward according… Read more →

Criminal Defense Questions and Answers

Q: When we talk about white collar crime, are there aspects about which the average business owner should be aware but maybe isn’t? A: Sure, white collar crime encompasses pretty… Read more →

Drugged driving on the rise in Phoenix metro area

The penalties for a DUI convicted driver have made a strong impression on the citizens of Arizona. Many drivers know well about the laws regarding drunk driving. If they plan… Read more →

Drivers in Arizona getting busted even after blood tests prove they were not high

It is reported that drivers in Arizona are getting busted for taking marijuana a month ago and are paying big fines and losing their licenses after having gotten driving-under-the-influence citations… Read more →

Dealing with a Dwi – Dui Charge

The risks and costs of driving while intoxicated are now greater than ever. U.S. state legislatures have passed increasingly stringent DUI and DWI laws over the past three decades. In… Read more →

Medical Malpractice due to Misdiagnosis

When your health care provider, typically your family doctor, fails to correctly recognize the symptoms of your illness, the result is often a wrong diagnosis. And the consequences of a… Read more →