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Arizona woman arrested for DUI again while chatting on phone

Karen Francis Williams, 52, an Arizona woman, was taken into custody and she is facing charges of aggravated DUI and having an open container after a police officer approached her car while it was parked on the sidewalk and saw the woman talking on the cell phone with an open beer can in her lap.

Williams rolled down the window of her vehicle after the officers asked her to do so several times while she continued talking on the cell phone.

After the police officer asked her to hang up, she told the person to whom she was talking that, “I have to go, I’m getting arrested for DUI again”.

The police officer took the cell phone from her and then asked why she was parked on the sidewalk. Williams told the officer that she was on her way to pick her daughter up from a youth group but the girl was running late. She had blood-shot eyes, slurred speech and she admitted that she consumed 6 beers. She said she parked on the sidewalk to talk on the phone.

The police officer issued her a field sobriety test but Williams declined to do a sobriety test due to the reason that she “did not feel like it”, said Cottonwood police.

When she was getting out of the vehicle, the officer saw that Williams had pills in her possession which were later identified as acetaminophen and hydrocodone. The police officer also came to know that her license had already been revoked and Williams was taken into custody for driving under the influence before also.

While the police officer was taking her into custody, she screamed and attempted to get out of her handcuffs. She was taken to Yavapai County Jail so she could be restrained.

News Source: www.UPI.com

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