Arizona Trooper Drives His Patrol Car Directly Into The Path Of Wrong Way DUI Driver To Save Lives

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Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Jeremy Barr saved many lives by putting his own life in danger as he put his patrol vehicle in the path of a truck which was driven by an individual who was under the influence of alcohol. He stopped the truck from going the wrong way on a highway where many other motor vehicles were travelling.

On Saturday morning, a radio call reported about a pickup truck that was going northbound in the southbound lanes of Interstate 17 near Black Canyon City. Barr’s first attempt was to slow down the motor vehicles that were travelling in the southbound lanes and were going near the truck that was travelling the wrong way but then he thought that he would not succeed and extensive damage would occur so he decided to stop the truck once and for all, and got in the path of the truck.

The trooper sustained life-threatening injuries to his back due to the accident and was admitted in a hospital waiting to recover.

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Col. Frank Milstead, “He saw the pickup truck coming towards him still traveling 70 miles an hour. As the truck attempted to pass him, as he’s there with red lights and sirens on, he literally turns in front of the vehicle and stops it by pushing into a rock ledge on the high speed side of the lane”.

Any individual might have been killed by the wrong-way driver if Barr hadn’t taken that action, said Milstead. He added, “He unequivocally saved lives today”.

The person behind the wheel of the truck said he “hadn’t had enough to drink to actually kill anyone”. The suspect is facing charges of driving under the influence and aggravated assault.

Barr has been working for the DPS since the past 12 years and it was not the first time he assisted in stopping an accident from happening and saved the lives of many. This was the 5th time he assisted in stopping extensive damage.

Barr didn’t think about his family when he risked his life to save the lives of other individuals who were present on the road.

Milstead added, “His family is very proud of him. He turned his vehicle in front of this guy at the risk of never seeing them again to save somebody else’s life”.

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