Arizona Police Officer Put On Leave After Punching Woman

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – An internal investigation is ongoing in the case involving an Arizona cop who punched a woman while taking her into custody.

He was arresting the woman on suspicion of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

A video showing the cop punching her was recorded from a home from where Morris and her boyfriend named Jimmy Sedillo were evicted. Pictures were also available showing the upper half portion of their body, but Morris kicking and hitting the officer was not captured in the pictures.

The cop has been placed on administrative leave while the case is under investigation by the Flagstaff police department.

According to Police Chief Kevin Treadway, “We are taking this very, very seriously.” He also told that the cop reported that the woman kicked him before he punched her.

Treadway added that the cop named Bonar was taking Morris into custody because he knew about warrants for Morris’ arrest, but the police later came to know that warrants linked to DUI cases were no longer active. He said that he didn’t know about the case until Wednesday before a police department employee saw a video of it on Facebook recorded by a person present on the scene.

According to the police chief, “Bonar was thinking the warrants were still in place.”

Morris was recorded saying in the video that there was no warrant for her arrest and a woman present near her said, “She doesn’t have a warrant anymore.”

The video also showed Morris on a sidewalk with Bonar. He was asking her to be cooperative, so he could take her into custody.

A male shouted, “You can’t hit a girl like that,” after the cop punched Morris.

Sedillo said the couple had received an eviction notice for Wednesday. He also told that his brother-in-law, Danny Paredes, recorded the video and uploaded it on Facebook.

Paredes said, “It was just shocking. I pulled out my camera immediately.”

A court hearing for Morris is scheduled for the 6th of December. She appeared in court on Thursday as well when she was given the hearing date.

A Coconino County Public Defender’s Office lawyer, Sarah Erlinder, who is representing Morris in her pending driving under the influence case, said she didn’t have details about the new case in which Morris was involved and she couldn’t comment on her client’s behalf.


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