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Arizona DUI Laws Some of The Strictest in The Nation

As wrong-way drivers create difficult situations, some questions have arisen like:

  • When will politicians create a law which is right and can make DUI laws strict to solve the issue?
  • How many more drivers driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol driving the wrong way and killing individuals on the roadways will be required before they solve the issue?
  • Why first-time DUI offenders are not losing their motor vehicle for 60 days but second time DUI offenders lose their motor vehicle? The state can sell their motor vehicle and the money goes to the state budget.

If the above mentioned issues are made strict then maybe DUI drivers will behave differently which can result in the issue being solved.

The law should not have loopholes because as a result of these loopholes, sober drivers are always in danger while driving due to drunk drivers present on the roads. The solution to this issue is not to suspend or cancel the driver’s license because even with a cancelled license, individuals can get behind the wheel. However, if their motor vehicle is suspended, they won’t be able to drive at all.

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