Alleged Tempe drunk driver accident caught on surveillance video

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PHOENIX – On Friday, an incident happened, which left a woman injured. Surveillance video shows a woman walking to her blue van in a busy Walmart parking lot at Southern & Rural at about 6:30 p.m. when a driver came barreling through the parking lot, collided with a red car and took the woman out.

The video was shown to Gina Edwards who works in a business near the Walmart. She left work prior to the accident. She was concerned about the health of the woman who was struck. Authorities said that she is expected to be ok. Edwards said, “Ok that’s good because she looks like she should have been killed from that kind of force so thank god she wasn’t”.


According to the Tempe Police, the woman who was struck in the video is ok. The investigators were also shocked. Sgt. Mike Pooley with the Tempe Police Department said, “I mean it’s an incredible video, it’s something that shocks the conscious when you see something like that”.

31 year-old Christy Kupper was taken into custody and charged with multiple charges in which driving under the influence is also involved. When the accident occurred, her BAC level was 0.20 percent which is almost 3 times the legal limit.

According to the investigators, it all began at the intersection of Southern and Rural where Kupper allegedly struck one vehicle that struck another vehicle and tried to flee the scene going at a high rate of speed through the Walmart parking lot.

Edwards said, “Thank god no one was hurt because that car is going pretty fast it looks like”.

The debris was showed by Sky Fox video. In the crash, four vehicles were involved and those were damaged. Police told that the injured woman’s 5 children were sitting in the van and they saw the whole incident. She was transferred to the hospital with minor injuries.

“Thank god her kids didn’t see her get killed or something that’s terrible,” said Edwards.

Kupper was also charged for leaving the accident spot, aggravated assault, and endangerment.

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