Agencies Teaming Up To Crack Down On Driving Under The Influence For Phoenix Open

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ -As the Phoenix Open is in full swing, agencies from all over the Valley descended on Scottsdale to crack down on drunk driving.

The agencies that teamed up over the weekend in order to make sure that the roads stay safe included police, Uber, taxis, and fire crews.

The Bird’s Nest was packed with around 7,000 people Thursday night, ready for the show. A few people were kicked out of the event as a result of public intoxication.

The Scottsdale DUI Enforcement educated people and taught them some very important lessons, having some fun at the same time. They conducted breathalyzer tests on people as they walked out of the event. Quite a lot of people thought that having a few drinks would not push them over the 0.08% legal limit. However, they quickly learnt that’s not the case.

Scottsdale PD DUI officer Wiley Adams stated, “We are trying to educate you and show you that we are not here to mess with you when we pull you over. This is where you would be if you were drinking and driving right now.”

DUI patrols were roaming the area, around the barriers of the event and beyond. Police made an effort to try to push their message across, telling people not to drive after drinking and find a sober driver home.

Uber, the ride-sharing company, also made a huge appearance at the event this year. They set up a party lounge for people while they waited for their rides. DJ and refreshments were some highlights of their party lounge. People waiting in line for their rides said they would never think about getting behind the wheel after drinking. One of the riders appreciated the drinking laws as they help keep all the danger off the roads. “People just need to get home safe and have a good time,” said rider Barb Martinez.

Uber spokeswoman Taylor Patterson stated, “We want to make sure people come here and they have a great time, and they are not putting others at risk when they go home.”

The Scottsdale Fire Department was on duty, watching and waiting for any problems, as people came pouring into the concert venue after a long day out on the course.

Scottsdale Fire Captain Dave Folio stated, “They tend to come this way, and they have already been drinking over there so they are a little intoxicated by the time they get here.”

Saturday was another eventful day, with more than 190,000 people reported by the Phoenix Open officials. Several agencies joined hands for DUI patrolling, and to encourage people not to get behind the wheel after drinking.

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