25-Year-Old Ricky Louie Chacon Sentenced To 2.5 Years For Burglary, DUI

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SAFFORD – A man, who said he wants to change his life while serving jail by getting rid of his addiction so he could be a good person and bring up his 5 children well will, have to spend less time in jail after pleading guilty to multiple felonies.

On 28th of July, 25-year-old Ricky Louie Chacon appeared in Graham County Superior Court and was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in jail on a charge of burglary in the second degree. He was also sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for a driving under the influence charge.

Before reducing his sentence, the Graham County Superior Court Judge, R. Douglas Holt, heard the arguments and then decided the sentence.

Graham County Deputy County Attorney Dane Paulsen had asked for a prison sentence of 3 years according to the nature of the crimes committed by Chacon. However, Daisy Flores, who is Chacon’s lawyer, asked for a jail sentence of 2 years.

His lawyer agreed that intensive probation is a great way to stop Chacon from getting involved in the offense again; the judge sentenced him to 3 years of standard probation upon his release from jail for guilty pleas on charges including:

  • Aggravated assault/domestic violence
  • An amended charge of facilitation to commit burglary

He was charged for aggravated assault because he choked his girlfriend until she was unconscious. None of his children were from his girlfriend and he is not permitted by the judge to remain in contact with the woman.

Under the plea agreement, many other charges were dismissed.

According to the judge, the offender deserves a less severe sentence due to his age and clear criminal record and he said that he deserved a jail sentence of 3 years for his violent nature. He added, “They can become very dangerous very quickly, so I see burglaries, especially of residences, as particularly egregious because you can’t know what’s going to happen when you participate in those things”.

The judge also stated that if he violates his probation, he will have to serve jail for another 6 years.

His lawyer told that his client committed multiple crimes in a short period of time because of addiction problems and he requested the judge to send his client to prison with rehabilitation facilities. He added, “He wants to be able to be a better person. He is very thankful for the opportunity the state is giving him by this plea agreement.”

Chacon told the Judge that he wants to get rid of his addiction problem while serving jail so he can start attending college to turn his dream of becoming a certified electrician into reality. He added, “I have a family who loves me and wants me back and my children need me in their lives. I am confident in myself that I will be successful and be a positive influence on them and myself.”

News Source: www.EACourier.com

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