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20-year-old taxi driver busted for DUI

Thatcher – It is advised not to hire a taxi driver for getting home anytime soon after he/she has been arrested for DUI.

Late Saturday night, 20-year-old Deliliah Reba Cruz was arrested by the police for driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was taken into custody after she accepted having crystal methamphetamine, marijuana and prescription-only medication in her system while driving a taxi. She also accepted to not having a prescription for the opiate drug Percocet.

A “Yo Taxi Sedan Service” cab was pursued by a Safford officer in the parking lot of J.D.’s Grill House, at 2019 W. U.S. Highway 70. The officer saw several cords and other items hanging from an affixed mount in the center of the windshield in a 1996 Mercedes and he remembered that he previously warned a driver of the taxi to take off the items that were hanging. When the officer approached Cruz, she told that she has never driven the taxi. She came to the restaurant to pick up a customer named Robert Hancock who is usually drunk, so she just wanted to drive for the night to drop her customer home. During the conversation, the officer observed that Cruz’s speech was slow and slurred and she looked like she was under the influence of an intoxicant. After some time she said to the officer that she consumed marijuana, meth and Oxycontin.

Cruz didn’t have her driver’s license with her. The license plate of the car did not match the registration and Hancock was not the registered owner of the car.

The officer took Cruz to the Safford Police Department. He asked Hancock if he can drive the car but he refused. The officer also observed Hancock to be under the influence of drugs. Cruz also told the officers that the previous day, she had smoked meth with Hancock.

Nuttall’s Towing helped in towing the car from the scene.

A female corrections officer present at the police station tried to get a urine sample from Cruz for the test but she threw the collection bottles into the toilet 2 times. After that Cruz was transferred to the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center where her blood was drawn by a nurse for the drug test. The blood samples taken from Cruz were given to the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s crime lab in Tucson for testing.

For review, a copy of the officer’s report was given to the Thatcher town prosecutor.

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